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1 answer

How to cope with a client expecting compensation for mistake your team made?

Our team made a mistake in software code and that caused the customer lose a lot of money. Now they ask us for that amount to give them back as compensation. How to deal with that?
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Make them understand we need a DMS

I have put this in SE-PM as in my eyes, it affects Project Managers the most. I have just landed a role as a product engineer for a software product in a mid-sized company (around 100 staff across ...
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3 answers

Tips for Selecting an Existing Employee to Be a Project Manager

Projects are defined as being temporary. As a result, this means that unless more projects will follow, a project manager could be any employee with the necessary skillset who is selected to see the ...
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Kanban on engineering dealing with customer services

Let's say your team decides to go with Kanban, since the evolutive, adaptive and corrective work is under constant discovery, and planning for sprints is therefore not possible. Along with that, you ...
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What does SLE stand for in ITIL?

In ITIL An SLA is a Service Level Agreement (potentially a legal contract) An SLO is a Service Level Objective (and thus could be a KPI) An SLR is a Service Level Requirement (a clause in an SLA? a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Managing Internal projects as if the manager was a client. Does this method have a name?

As a manager in a company, I found that some people within my team performs better when they are trusted with a task and when I manage them and the tasks I give them, like if I was a client. I debrief ...
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2 votes
1 answer

setting ITIL as a common framework for multiple IT teams around the world

My manager and I have been tasked to manage/incentize multiple IT teams in different geographical regions (with multiple time zones and different cultural understanding). The teams are not ...
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2 answers

IT department (service) work effort

I wonder if there is a method how to measure IT (internal) service/department work effort. For example, company has about 30 virtual servers, 2 LAN networks, 3 VPN networks (hundreds of users), ...
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How does ITIL handle frequent adjustments to mailserver?

We run a MTA (mail server) to send out large numbers of emails (newsletters...). Sometimes we have to adapt on short notice the configuration of this system, i.e. slow down the send out for one ...
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