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estimating time for a step that has batch process in project management

Im trying to estimate cycle time of a process. For example if I am making widgets where each widget type has different process times. However in one of the steps in the process, it is a batch process ...
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Integrating Part Time Workers (Students/Interns) into a Kanban System

Out team is transitioning to a "ScrumBan" way of working. We have set up WIP limits. We have two half-time student workers in our team. This won't change (plus we like them anyways). The team ...
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How is Little's Law applied in Kanban?

I have found some formulas of Little's Law in relation to the application in Kanban, but it still makes little sense for me. Two quotations from different sources. Average Cycle Time = Average Work ...
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Terminology for time before a ticket is raised and time after a ticket is completed

In our team, we get tickets from other teams. Currently we are trying to work on reducing the time to complete a requirement. We have split the time into 4 slices: Time when a requirement is ...
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How to use historical cycle time to forecast project completion

I have been inspired by Daniel Vacanti's talk (link) about using cycle time to forecast project completion. So I collected the following user stories metric in the course of four sprints: Average ...
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Cycle Time - Story vs Task?

I am trying to measure the cycle time of my team. The problem is that the issues (tasks or stories) have very different sizes. Sometimes someone just creates a task like: "Create a backend api", that ...
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What to do with control chart data?

I am running a kanban project, I am collecting cycle time data via control chart, what is the best way to use it?
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