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For questions about the process of fixing defects in the product.

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Why four levels of defect severity?

When looking around for examples of how five levels of defect severity are named it turned out that almost everybody seem to use four levels of severety (they name them differently though). Is there ...
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In Scrum, should we be billed for defects and unplanned activities?

My company is the client. An offshore company is developing our product. We pay them on a monthly basis. They send us an invoice with a fixed rate per full time resource. They also send us a ...
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Do you consider a defect an actual defect if it occurs in Dev prior to the acceptance of the User Story as Done?

A fully agile centric question. If an exception, error, defect or bug occurs prior to the completion of a user story; do you log it is a bug or do simply consider part of the work required to make ...
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Managing defects or incidents in a solution based project model

We have a product suite comprising four products and an underlying data structure. In the past, we've managed each product's work individually, from backlog to release (as, say, "XYZ Product July ...
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Faulty piece of software discovered, next steps for a Project Manager to take

Consider the following scenario, which is straight out of a PMP exam prep book: The project manager of a large software implementation project just finished a project status meeting. In the ...
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Should defect criticality change based on user needs?

Question Is it correct to assume that the criticality of a defect can change along with the project's progress? If so, when is this acceptable? Background Criticality is one of the indexes we've ...
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With Scrum, how do you keep from dropping the little things?

We've moved our group's workflow to a scrum-based approach, with a lot of success. We're getting things done, people are more engaged, and we're more focused on our actual user community's needs. ...
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Measures to get out of fix-test-fix cycle

We have completed the feature implementation for new release of a product. The product is strategic for the company with a large customer base and making good revenue. The product has had lifetime of ...
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How do you schedule maintenance work in Scrum?

What are some of the different patterns you use to schedule maintenance work (any non-feature work like bug fixes, technical debt reduction, etc.)? In our organization, we've considered mash-ups of ...
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Deciding how many bugs to leave as unresolved

I work primarily on small-scale (and large-scale) software projects. One of the questions that always needs answering is how do we decide how many bugs should we fix? Realistically, software always ...
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