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For questions about the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) as defined by the Agile Business Consortium.

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How to effectively implement Scrum for a small project (max duration 6 months) with defined project deadlines?

In my current company, they are using Waterfall methodology in defining the gateways for new project approval and developing detailed timeline with completion date (gantt chart) based on the ...
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Velocity calculation based on number of user stories completed in a sprint

In one of the projects, the velocity calculation is done based on the number of user stories that the team is delivering in each sprint. They are using story points to size but still the velocity is ...
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How to use Scrum in DSDM?

In my current company, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) is the Agile framework chosen for delivery. Scrum is followed as the Agile process within DSDM. Can we really use Scrum as an agile ...
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Which role is the equivalent to the Product Owner in DSDM AgilePM?

Which role is the equivalent to the Product Owner in DSDM's Agile Project Management? Would the Business Ambassador play a similar role?
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DSDM Atern or DSDM?

Is the methodology named DSDM or DSDM Atern? A colleague and I are writing reports on agile methodologies and there is a lot of conflicting information available as the latest specification we could ...
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Which role among these are suitable for "Administrator" in Agile Software Development Projects?

I did some research in DSDM and Agile Projects and got stuck in this scenario. I'm new to this so please help me out. Suppose, in an organisation there are following posts: 1) Managing Director 2) ...
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How much detail should the solution design have in Foundations in DSDM?

In the DSDM Atern lifecycle, here. In the foundation phase it states one of the objectives is to: To start designing the solution architecture and identifying the physical or infrastructural ...
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How Timeboxes align with sprints in hybrid approach [closed]

How do Timeboxes align with sprints in a hybrid approach like dsdm atern and scrum
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What is a Hybrid Agile Approach? How Are Senior Business Roles Affected?

Hi guys I was wondering if I got it right that a hybrid approach is a mix two different agile approaches if so what happens to senior project business level roles in hybrid approach eg: scrum and dsdm
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Solution developer and solution tester

Between a solution developer and a solution tester who must understand the IT architecture of a project in order to work.
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Agile management roles [closed]

I need to choose between business sponsor, business visionary and business ambassador. Here is the scenario: Jane is one the owners and managing director she is the budget holder of the project and ...
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Can separate roles in DSDM Atern be handled by the same person?

In the DSDM Atern project delivery framework roles fit into the following three categories: Project Level Solution Development Team, and Other The diagram below shows how an Atern team is structure: ...
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