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Writing Better Milestone/Touchpoint Follow-Up Emails

I am a technical (software deployment) project manager. I regularly have clients request 15+ minute check-in calls, which I am happy to take. The calls are pre-scheduled and have no set agenda. I ...
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4 answers

How to handle being ignored by team member/resource

What are best practices/strategies for dealing with a team member that repeatedly ignores emails/phone calls and will not commit to new estimated completion dates on specific tasks?
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2 answers

How can I improve the following email template?

I have just started utilizing an approach that I refer to as the 3 in 3 email. It is nothing groundbreaking but simply an email issued every Monday and Wednesday asking 3 questions regarding the next ...
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Open e-mail (everyone can see everyone else's received and sent messages)

Problem As a team, we need to set up our e-mail so that everyone can see everyone else's received and sent messages. More info The situation is that there are 4 people who are communicating with ...
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Should I include the developers in the official email communication with clients?

Currently I am a Project Manager of the following team: 3 Android Developers 2 Web Developers 2 iOS Developers and we are currently between the project initiation and development stages since the ...