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Questions tagged [engineering-practices]

For questions about engineering practices such as clean code, continuous delivery, continuous integration, etc.

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2 answers

One team of 6 developers doing two projects serially or two teams of 3 developers working in parallel?

Trying to keep an open mind on a request from senior leadership. Maybe I'm biased, so I'm seeking opinion/research that helps guide me. I am the Engineering Manager of a current team of 6. Established ...
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How are department wide technical decisions made and enforced within and across SAFe Scrum Teams?

My Scrum Team works within the SAFe framework. I raised an issue with technical leadership for decision making when I realized I [in my role as a Scrum Developer] had no answers or ideas. Our unit [...
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Where does development process improvement fall into the product development lifecycle?

For most of my career as a software developer, I have been a part of Agile teams using Scrum, Lean Startup, or Kanban. The Product team usually has goals for keeping the product running, improving the ...
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Senior developers 'reject' agile. What now?

I'm about to have my first day as Product Owner at a new job as one of three product owners, and during the interview one of the current challenges that was brought up was the renewal of the processes....
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How to ensure good engineering management of projects involving specialized front-end and back-end teams?

Our project is a single-page app powered by a REST API on the back-end serving JSON, nothing new or unusual about that. We have specialized front-end and back-end developers that are handling ...
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How much defect rework is expected?

I am working as developer in product based software company. In all companies I worked as of now , we say that the quality of this delivered story is good or bad. But I find this is subjective. Is ...
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How can the team improve the likelihood of completing each increment?

If a Development Team doesn't have the skills or tools to create a “Done" increment, are there techniques that can be used immediately that will allow progress on the increment to be easier to track? ...
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Requirement conflict b/w Product and Engineering team?

Product team is the team which owns the requirement. They write the Functional requirements. Based on which, the engineering team makes the low level design. But down the line during development, ...
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2 answers

Git "trunk"/"releases" by customer by product

I have been using SVN for a long time and now I am moving to git just to be "in fashion". My trouble is how git project managers/software developers manage the versions of a program: not from the ...
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What is the evidence supporting the PMBOK practices?

The PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th edition) states: The PMBOK Guide contains the globally recognized standard and guide for the project management profession. [....
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3 answers

Should managers be involved in decisions about what technical practices the team adopts?

With the popularity of agile methodologies on the rise it comes the time to make decisions about what it means to be done with a given feature/task. Should the managers be involved in the decisions ...
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1 vote
5 answers

How do you ensure code quality when having a weaker programmer on your project?

In an ideal world, each new joiner is expected to be trained with the practices and standards applied on the project. Happens that the ideal world is far from reality. When project starts getting off ...
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