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For questions about management of enterprise level projects.

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What's the difference between Enterprise Architecture and Programme Management?

From a surface-level overview, it seems like Enterprise Architecture is a practice whereby an organisation is re-organised in order that the enterprise can be better at what it does (source: FEAPO). ...
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Stakeholder engagement v Business engagement

TL;DR What is a "Business engagement framework"? Are there similarities between this and a stakeholder engagement plan? Background I've been asked to put a proposal forward a business ...
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How can I show the month for a Enterprise Custom Date Field in the Project Center for Grouping?

I setup a Enterprise Custom Field for a Key Date that leadership wants to group by year and month. I thought I could just make 2 new Enterprise Custom Fields, one to parse out the Month and the other ...
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Enterprise Mobile-first multi-team-product organization

I am the mobile product owner (PO) at a firm with a dozen or so scrum teams each managing their own web products. My team builds mobile versions of the above web products. I work with each product ...
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Conversion from complexity estimation to actual costs

We do Scrum - therefore we do not estimate hours or workdays, but estimate complexity (Story Points). As our customers mostly want to know what a feature might cost, we somehow have to do a ...
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When should the architecture of an enterprise level project be created in Scrum?

First of all, I know, that there is no such entity as Sprint 0 in Scrum. Also, I know, that architecture should not be nailed down during the first Sprint. Well, all these principles work fine for ...
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What alternatives can I find to Kanban for enterprise applications

We are currently using Kanban to manage customizations and extensions within our application. Our application is an enterprise application which is highly configurable, however, configure the tool ...
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What is the relationship and flow between an Enterprise Architecture Practice and the practice of a PMO?

Depending on whom you speak with, people have different views depending on the structure of the organization. The first of these views is that when the business has an idea, it engages with the PMO ...
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What artifacts should be created during the lifecycle of a project?

Looking at the lifecycle of a project, is there a industry standard (not specific to only project management) or a set of best practices of the artifacts that should be created as part of a project? ...
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How to implement scrum on an Waterfall enterprise?

Research prior to asking this questions -> When to Use Waterfall, When to Use Scrum ? I am not focus on pure waterfall vs pure scrum conversion. I am more incline of solving the following problems ...
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Any information on traditional company structures and variations?

Now that I'm working at higher levels within companies, I come across different groups and people with high-level responsibilities - bodies responsible for funding decisions, governance, CEOs, CIOs, ...
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How can we improve the situation of a technical team, without a CTO?

Our company runs an online photo sharing application, letting users edit pictures, create slideshows, share them on blogs and social networks and so on. The company is small, roughly 15 people, with a ...
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15 votes
7 answers

What to do when team members are overburdened by process?

Big enterprises are infamous for creating lots of processes. Sometimes these processes are overburdening for the team members that have to do them to the point where the process is more work than the ...
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