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Questions tagged [estimation]

For questions about the estimation of the project's parameters, such as time or cost.

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Is it possible to display Estimation Points for lanes in Active Sprint in JIRA?

in the attachment you can see JIRA, an active Scrum Board. I've a very simple question, is it possible to have on top of the lane a number representing the Estimated Points that are the sum of that ...
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Program schedule

I inheritated a project on 2 September 2023 with Nov 20 2022 as the start date but no baseline schedule was created. 10 out 100 deliverables were completed as of 2 September 2023. Is it a good idea to ...
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Worklog feature in JIRA

Do you have any suggestions when it comes to worklogs in JIRA? Example: Multiple people are working on the same issue. What would be the best way to track individual work log?
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Is it difficult or time-wasting for developers to adjust page design based on component design changes?

I have been curious about that how much effort developers have to make to adjust components to accommodate changes in UI design. Sometimes I think a design from UX is good and there's no problem for ...
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Scenario based Use case point estimation counting

I am new to use case base estimation technique. I have the following scenario and facing little difficult to conclude my use case point count. Suppose I need to execute 3 steps one after another. Each ...
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