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Questions tagged [ethics]

For questions about the ethical aspects of project management.

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16 votes
4 answers

Escalation to Leadership about senior management [closed]

Is it right to escalate to senior leadership (CEO) if you feel the senior management is not doing the right thing or basing the decisions based on personal preferences rather than the goals of the ...
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4 answers

What if you do not believe in the project benefits?

I've recently been assigned to a project as the PM and I'm fairly sure that a senior executive in the company has heard some fancy marketing spill at a conference and now wants this product at the ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Project cancelled, still client wants to use parts of it?

After four prototypes on a mailshot design, the client is now telling me that the project is going to be cancelled. Because a lot of work was involved, I submitted an updated "cost estimate" (in this ...
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7 answers

What should a project manager do if he/she is asked to pay a bribe?

It is a common practice in some territories to pay bribes while doing business. Sometimes government officials have to be paid in order to issue a license or permit. Sometimes customers ask for ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How should team member act when they learn there was bribery in the project?

It is a question inspired by the one about handing the bribe: What should a project manager do if he/she is asked to pay a bribe? Mine is a bit different. You're a project team member in the middle ...
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2 answers

Problems with a decision on layoffs

Being a mid-level manager, I was told by my supervisor that a drastic staff reduction in the company is due in a couple of months. Most of my subordinates will be laid off. He specifically told me not ...
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1 answer

How do you ensure your code does not get stolen when working with a remote contractor? [closed]

Recently in order to expand our products, we have had to bring in external contractors, especially those working remotely. Some of the tasks involve porting an existing application on one platform to ...
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