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Toxic culture - I'm putting in more resources to help the project move faster, but people are slowing down

Background: I work in a company that has a bad culture: everybody has been treated the same: The same salary, no rewards for high achievers, and no punishment for bad employees, including people who ...
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How to avoid training external consultants who hold a different agenda?

A large organisation is undertaking an agile transformation. There is good engagement from the senior management team and external agile coaches were hired to support the adoption of agile. One agile ...
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Can client member be the part of team members at task board? how do we manage client entity in scrum?

I want to manage client member of particular company, but don't know that do we keep team member and client member both entity separate OR both entity as a member list in common?
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2 answers

Temporarily adding external freelance developers to an existing developer team (aka. Hybrid Team). Pros and Cons?

What are the pros and cons of adding external software developers to an existing developer team for a small project? What are the pros and cons? For me: Pros: Development should in theory be faster ...
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Process for tracking work external to the team?

I'm currently running a project where a very simple Kanban setup (Backlog/Doing/Done) is working great for us—most of the time. But we're also highly dependent on a lot of other teams' output&...
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Consulting with other consultants

Question to the braintrust. How do you handle whether to offload API programming and design when another consultant asks you? I'm in a situation where I have to do development against an API that I ...
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6 answers

How to work with freelancers in a proper way?

Note: At first I wrongly posted this question to the original Stackoverflow site Let's say that for a software project I have: a complete project plan; a software requirements specification; a ...
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1 answer

What method to use to inform customer about sub-contractor/freelance workers?

When customer requires list of technical staff that will be involved in the project; What is the proper method to give the info of the sub-contractors/freelance workers that will be involved in ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Partner suggestion to a big project, is it ok to ask for a commission?

First, let me tell that I'm a freelancer and don't belong/have a company and work on my own. The context: I have a big client that asked me for a cost estimate for a big project. The project ...
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What to do if you do not "like" work produced by a freelancer

I have a situation I am not quite sure how to handle. We have asked a freelancer to come up with some designs for a piece of e-learning. Now, as part of the quote he did some concepts which were part ...
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4 answers

How to manage and motivate external workers in project?

In one of projects I work we have some people working only partially. They come to work only when there is a need for their work in project and sometimes they work at home. The problem is with ...
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