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Poor man's manner of conducting Agile Scrum/kanban/lean/XP software development philosophies/practices while remotely working online over the internet [closed]

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, I and my colleagues work remotely from home. I'm trying to document user stories. Unfortunately, since we work remotely from home, I cannot sit next to my colleagues with ...
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XP Practices Doubts

I was doing some XP Multiple Choice Questions on Sanfoundry. There are three answers I found confusing. (Note: bold: system answer, italic: my answer) In XP, as soon as the work on a task is complete,...
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Can pair programming work under Scrum iterations

Is it possible? Or in a more generic question, can XP work under Scrum iterations?
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Pair Programming and Display on an IMAX [closed]

I responded to an employment opportunity for an XP developer. I have done several XP projects early in the 2000s, but not lately after Scrum has come into wide practice. The recruiter said they ...
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Can XP be done correctly without Pair Programming?

I read that eXtreme Programming isn't XP, if there's no Pair Programming. But is there something inherit in XP that requires Pair Programming other than philosophy, if other types of quality ...
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What's an easy and sustainable way to introduce pair programming?

As a ScrumMaster I've read some texts about pair programming. I want to introduce that to my team and make sure it's been done regularly. As a "special feature" we have a remote worker and I ...
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How do you get your team to participate in quality assurance practices: Refactoring

In XP Programming, code refactoring is at the core - it provides outstanding benefits. However, most developers seem to fear refactoring. As the project manager of your team, you not only need to meet ...
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Agile, peer vs roundtable programming

I am a scrum master of a team and I want to improve learning in between team. We are learning new things every day and I thought that roundtable programming would go a long way. Here is my idea: We ...
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Hardening Sprint - Manna from Heaven or a Witches Brew?

In Dean Leffingwell's Scaled Agile Framework there exists the concept of a hardening iteration E.G. after three sprints of two weeks duration, we have a hardening sprint of one week. In this short ...
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How is XP/ Continuous Integration different from DevOps?

Is DevOps just the new "cool" term for Extreme Programming? Recently speaking with a company about doing some coaching work for them. They have decided that to be successful they need to do "DevOps" ...
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What does "Architectural Spike" mean?

What does Architectural Spike mean? I know, that this is investigation activity for unknown and unestimated tasks. But I want know more details. When we should do it: during Sprint or between them? ...
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Hybrid Software Development Methodology [closed]

Hybrid, Scrum and XP an agile methodologies. My Question is what is the different between them and what is better or the greatest methodology? Thanx ... :)
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Roles mapping between Scrum and XP methodologies

A lot of people mix Scrum and XP methodologies. But these methodologies have different set of roles. I tried to make mapping between them. This is result: ________________________________ | Scrum ...
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What is the role of a C# or Java Technical Team Lead in an agile/XP approach?

There is, funnily enough, not much information on this type of role on the Internet. Perhaps that in itself says something. I do however find myself in this role for a small development team of around ...
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How can my team reconcile flow and pair-programming?

For those of you who have read Peopleware, you were probably exposed to the concept of flow. Flow is a mental state attained by creativity workers (engineers, writers, programmers, etc.) which is ...
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What are the right conclusions to draw from the success or failure of a Sprint?

I recently encountered the opinion that, if a Sprint is successful due to statistical reasons (e.g. the team made big mistakes during planning but the team delivered its stories anyway), then that's ...
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What about Prince2, FDD & Agile Development (with XP)?

Do you have any criticisms? I've been having a hard time fitting it all together but I finally understand which parts go where and the need for me to customize to a certain degree to make them fit. ...
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What is the difference between Scrum and XP?

Everything is in the title: What is the difference between Scrum and eXtreme Programming? Is it possible to have a simple but explicit explanation?
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