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Questions tagged [facilitation]

For questions about how to ensure the designing and running of successful meetings and workshops.

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3 answers

How do I facilitate a first time Agile retrospective?

I have never facilitated a retrospective before and I have been asked to facilitate one on Tuesday. I have ordered a book which is arriving tomorrow and I have been checking out various websites. I ...
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What is the difference between facilitating a retrospective and leading one?

I have been asked to facilitate a retrospective but I was specifically told not to lead the retrospective. What is the difference between leading a retrospective and facilitating a retrospective and ...
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5 answers

Post Scrum facilitation

I am a scrum master for two years, and recently one of my peers raised a concern that our stand-ups are taking too long. While I am trying to keep the first part of the stand-up (i.e. updates) as ...
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What are effective techniques for conducting retrospectives for a geographically-distributed team?

Our team is distributed across two cities in EST and one city in PST. We heavily use Hangouts, Google Docs and other collaboration tools. Most advice and techniques for conducting retrospectives are ...
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How could someone use Kanban or a similar method for community engagement? [closed]

Looking for something process oriented, practical. Just some examples (as detailed as you care to provide) to have on hand. I'm having trouble differentiating between this example and, say, a small ...
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How to create a useful valuable Scrum Master meet-up

I am trying to find a way of reinventing the Scrum Master Community of Practice (CoP) in my organisation into more of a working group. We often find that people are disengaged or expect a presentation....
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How can I improve the following email template?

I have just started utilizing an approach that I refer to as the 3 in 3 email. It is nothing groundbreaking but simply an email issued every Monday and Wednesday asking 3 questions regarding the next ...
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Efficient patent brainstorming session [closed]

We have an existing application. What are the most efficient ways to get patent ideas out from a group of people during a brainstorming session? For example, brainstorm ideas and list them on a board ...
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