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How to present a non-existant product for feedback from potential clients?

We are just a team of software developers, not company or another legal entity. Although we are actively developing our product, it's still not ready for demonstration. However, we are a little far ...
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Best practices for collating and analysing client feedback from multiple departments

What is an effective way to collate and analyse validation feedback for new products from our clients. In our organisation, validation feedback is gathered by team members from various departments, ...
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How can we improve the feedback loop when releases require significant compliance work?

I'm a software engineer working in a regulated industry. Releasing our product involves significant work which is required to evaluate risks and potentially submit a filling to the regulator. As this ...
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Net Promoter Score-like metric for internal "monopolistic" product

I'm working on product that is integrated as part of the bigger package of products. One kind of stakeholder are other product teams that request features and use features from us. Other kind of ...
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Are Kanban cadences and Kanban Feedback Loops are the same thing?

I have encountered two sources which contradict each other it terms of definitions and relations between Kanban cadences and Kanban Feedback Loops. One seems to be saying they are different things. ...
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How to collect stakeholder feedback on prioritizing features?

At my company, we've just completed a large survey of features that we might want to add to our web application. Now we want to share this list with about a dozen (non-technical) product stakeholders (...
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7 answers

When to process feedback on the deliverable of the last iteration?

My team and I are working with iterations of two weeks (trying to use our own version of Scrum) and we try to deliver a new version after every iteration. After an iteration we let the stakeholders ...
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Advanced estimation accuracy techniques

What techniques are available to calculate the accuracy of ranged estimates, on units of work that may be irregularly re-estimated? The evaluation should account for estimates made on behalf of ...
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What should be asked in 360 feedback from Scrum Team? [closed]

We have a Scrum Team with the following roles: developer, tester and product owner. We want to create a 360 peer feedback form and need a set question-answer format for that. What could be the best ...
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Net Promoter Score approach

I've a question related to the NPS (net promotor score). Its use is based on the scale that goes from 0 to 10, as the attachment shows. I'm collecting data from users with sort of feedback libraries. ...
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Are you more efficient leading you project virtually or in person? [closed]

Is physical contact making a difference in efficiency, motivation and profitability?
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2 answers

Calculating Team's productivity

I have a team of 7 developers and we are doing a software maintenance project for our client. I want to give objective feedback to my subordinates and will like to include productivity as one of the ...
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3 answers

How to manage clients who want to meet up all the time?

I have a client/shareholder who is more of a face-to-face kind of client. They can't grasp how to use email and phone to communicate project amendments and feedback. Instead, they wish to meet up ...
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2 answers

Gathering feedback on performance as a Scrum Master

As a ScrumMaster, what techniques would you recommend to gather feedback from the Team Members? What criteria should the Team Members, the Product Owner and, other stakeholders take into account in ...
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Collecting, structuring and prioritizing details

Some projects have feedback from many sources (testers, designers, customer, developers). You can easily get more than 50 different items that need to be prioritized. Some of them are huge, critical ...
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Handling detailed feedback from many sources

In software development, when you near the time for delivery, there's often a huge amount of feedback. Testers report bugs, customers ask for minor and major tweaks, designers have last-minute ...
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3 answers

How to conduct an exit interview with an external contractor?

I have a contractor, who is a programmer, that has successfully performed his duties in the short time and I'd like to receive feedback from him on our organization. How do I prepare for such a ...
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What are alternative methods of deciding how much employees get paid?

In almost every company I've been to, pay is decided by a yearly review using feedback garnered from colleagues. This has a lot of negatives associated with it. People save feedback until the year ...
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