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Questions tagged [fixed-price]

For questions about managing projects, that have fixed-price contracts within.

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How we can calculate the free warranty time for a software application [closed]

I am a freelancer, and I am going to build a software application developed using SharePoint Online as the DataSource, Power Apps and Power Automate. The Project mainly includes automating 14 business ...
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At whose expense is the stage of preparing a contract performed?

Let's suppose a customer needs a software product and comes to a software development vendor. The customer describes the product and maybe even provides business requirements documentation (BRD). Then ...
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When does a software vendor (fixed-price projects) usually get paid?

What is a usual approach to fixed-price software project payment? Does a vendor get the money after the result of the project is delivered to a customer? Or is the payment made upfront? Or a mixed ...
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Change management in small fixed-price projects

I guess it's not common in small projects to develop a change management plan, so... What do managers of small fixed-price projects do when a customer demands a change? How is it resolved whether ...
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How a software development contract is concluded?

Let's suppose a customer wants to create a software product and there is a software development company that is able to develop this product. They need to create a contract. But both sides has their ...
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PM techniques/tools for fixed-price 6 month client project

I am looking for project management techniques and tools to help with the following situation. (P.S. I know this question is technically off-topic but I felt Revisiting Tool Recommendation Questions ...
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Estimating Fixed Price Project Cost Payments via Monthly Milestones

I have spent the last few days searching for an answer on how to use MS Project (2010 in my case) to estimate a project's cost via milestones that are split along a long program (2.5 years). The ...
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Estimating and Project budgets

I'd be interested to hear how you manage dealing with project budgets when having to provide a fixed cost up front for the customer ahead of starting the work? For context, and without giving too ...
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Conversion from complexity estimation to actual costs

We do Scrum - therefore we do not estimate hours or workdays, but estimate complexity (Story Points). As our customers mostly want to know what a feature might cost, we somehow have to do a ...
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How to manage consulting resources to deliver ahead of delivery dates?

I am a PM for a large matrix enterprise organization that has internal development resources as well as contracted consulting groups. Depending on the project we may need to engage an application team ...
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Sub contractors changing the invoicing agreement

I am very often finding myself in situations where the sub contractor at the end of the project is asking for more money. This is despite clearly agreeing to a fixed price at the start of the project....
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4 answers

How to leverage Agile development benefits in a fixed-cost project?

I recently joined a company that has started moving towards "more agile" development. I've already been product owner for an internal software project and that worked reasonably well as far as I can ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What are Acceptable SLoC Rates?

This is not a question regarding the quality of the SLoC metric. I accept it as a limited, inaccurate, or even poor metric. That said, I am looking for data that indicates what reasonable rates ...
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3 answers

FixedPrice but customer wants all risks are handled by their side

Here is an interesting situation we have been put in. We developed a proposal that includes deliverables, work packages and their estimates, risks etc. Also we planned some contingency for risky ...
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8 answers

How to apply Scrum in fixed date, fixed budget project?

Considering that we work on a project with fixed deadlines and fixed budget and we use Scrum: what are best practices we should use to make this setup successful? Since Scrum wasn't directly designed ...
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The Case for Hourly Estimates

My boss has always operated on fixed pricing projects; where we rarely see a profit on. I'm on board with selling our clients hourly rates on large projects. We have yet to get a client willing to ...
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What will be the standard increase of price from a Time and Material to a Fixed Price?

Knowing there are pros and cons for each type of procurement contracts. I am trying to find the real price % increase from a time and material contract with specific scope to a fixed price. As an ...
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