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GANTT is a form of project schedule. Use this tag for general GANTT questions. If you are using a specific software package, use that tag instead.

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Is there are a resource handler or gantt chart creator tool for JIRA? [closed]

I'm hoping someone has some experience on tools and/or better keywords to describe this problem: I have JIRA system for developers where they provide estimates and track time completed. The estimate ...
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Are Gantt diagrams compatible with Agile methods?

If they are, is it simple to use them with theses methods? Have you some use cases to present?
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In Jira is it possible to have a gantt chart (or calendar view or similar) derived from your agile board?

I'm very new to Project Management, Agile and similar. I just started trying out Jira to manage the work of a small dev team which clearly needs to become organized (right now they are keeping track ...
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Being pressured into doing a Gantt chart

Currently in a proxy product owner/Scrum master role, I do my planning in the following way: Weekly Retrospectives at the end of the week, sprint review on Mondays (with the stakeholder) followed by ...
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When are Gantt diagrams useful?

Since managing projects, I've never figured out the utility of this tool. We must do it before working, but for me, it's impossible to fill it (even a little) before the end of the project. When I ...
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Project, Time, and Task Management software 1 person [closed]

I have spend countless hours trying demos of the 100's of types of project and task management software out there, and none seem to fit the bill of exactly what I am looking to accomplish. I decided ...
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What is a "Driving Milestone"?

I'm quite new to the whole project management thing. I'm studying Project Libre right now. It seems pretty decent so far. I've found this tutorial on creating and using a milestone block. This way ...
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Project Management Gantt Tool makes All Tasks Concurrent

All the gantt tools I have tried make all tasks concurrent, until I specify start date or dependencies. I do not yet know the start date, and not all tasks have dependencies (well not enough to fully ...
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