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GANTT is a form of project schedule. Use this tag for general GANTT questions. If you are using a specific software package, use that tag instead.

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How can I show short tasks (less than 8 hours) in a JIRA Gantt chart?

I recently installed a few apps (like BigPicture) which help you see the order of work of each programmer. The problem is that when I link some tasks with estimates less than one work day, the Gantt ...
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Automatically plan tasks as close as possible to deadline

I am hoping to use MS project to plan our manufacturing. I have added all of the units we need to manufacture for the coming year, as well as their deadline date (the date the units must be ready to ...
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Gantt chart with resource de-confliction

I like to use Gantt charts to model the time tasks will take and the dependencies of those tasks. For reference, I use GanttProject but I am not tied to it. One issue I've had, however, is handling ...
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How to determine the human resources I need given financial and operational constraints?

I have a project and I want to minimize the costs. I am are responsible for the inspection of 1000 kilometers of sewer grid in Canada. My goal is to provide time high quality inspection reports. I ...
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Tracking Gantt Chart Not Showing All Tasks

I am trying to do an earned value analysis and there are tasks in my normal Gantt chart that when I switch the view to tracking gantt are not visible. Could this have to do with where I set my status ...
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Resource to divide time between several tasks, depending of the number of tasks

I am using MS Project and OmniPlan. I work alone, and right know in my plan there are several tasks that can be tackled simultaneously (for example, looking in internet for a street local, to ...
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