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Questions tagged [github-issues]

For questions about using GitHub Issues within project management to track features, bugs, milestones, assignments, hand-offs or other aspects of the project.

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Does a vertical slice mean a single merge request?

Let's suppose we're talking about the microservices architecture. And let's say that after refinement, we ended up with a feature (vertical slice) that implies making changes in two microservices - is ...
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Difference between "Add a Single Comment" and "Start a Review"

Just curious what difference between Add a Single Comment and Start a Review is, when leaving feedback on the changed files tab in a pull request. Like if I refactor some small portion of code to ...
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How to use Git in our startup? [closed]

If we are about 5 developers working on web/mobile applications on our laptops in our office, how can we use Git to do a team work? Is it a good idea to use private repositories on Github or ...
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User Story Title

When creating a user story work item in a tool like GitHub or, Azure DevOps, Should the ‎“As a user, I want” phrase be used for the title, or should it be placed in the description?
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Tracking resource allocation across multiple projects - GitHub?

I have an agile development team of 20-25, and we use GitHub (Enterprise) for repo, backlog etc and ZenHub for enhanced Kanban boards. I would like all members to be able to easily set their ...
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How to track milestones shared between several repositories?

I watched about how to manage issues with labels, milestones and Projects, but that seems specific to each Github repository. Say we have a feature push that ...
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Tracking Time Remaining with GitHub (ZenHub)

We are using ZenHub for Scrum and doing point-based estimations. When there is a issue to estimate can't we do hour based estimations with GitHub? As I can see, only point-based estimation is ...
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Should bug/regression tickets be reopened, or new tickets created?

Question This is a paradox I have: when I create GitHub Issues (or JIRA tickets, or whatever issue tracker you use), my engineers like to make them very granular, so that it narrows the scope down ...
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