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For questions about impediments that hinder the progress of the project or interfere with working on product implementation.

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Blockers, impediments & dependencies

I am finding that blocker is an emotionally loaded word. Impediments and dependencies are not much better. Invariably there is always a person at the end of a blocker and no-one wants to be "...
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What are the first steps while restructuring a project? [closed]

As a part of a course I am currently taking at university, we were given a report of an imaginary project that is currently going wrong and was put on hold. While reading the report and analysing some ...
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What if an item requires additional work from an earlier stage in Kanban?

Let's suppose that an item gets to some stage on a kanban board and then it is discovered that additional work is required from an earlier stage. What do we do? We can't move items backward in Kanban. ...
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Scrum Master Responsibility : Removing Impediment for the team vs being a middle man

As per the scrum guide, the scrum master's responsibility towards the team is to remove the roadblocks. But what extent should he go? I am not sure if the SM should go any extent and (maybe even) ...
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Can task be impeded under its assignee

Let's say I'm working on task 1. I found bug and created new task for that. Let's say task 2. Does it make sense if I impede task 1 under my name?
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Small story got bigger, what to do with the big bit?

Under Scrum, we have a story which was estimated to be quite short. Once the story was picked up by a developer, it turned out that a significant amount of technical preparation is required, and this ...
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How can I help a member of a scrum team estimate better?

Follow up question from here: How to efficiently manage a Scrum team when one member is much less productive? One of my developers is having trouble estimating his work. For the past few weeks he ...
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Secondary team block primary team due to lack of quality-driven development and WIP limits

Where I work, there are two teams of developers. Team A use Kanban and consider quality non-negotiable. They are responsible for developing the client-facing website, part of which contains an ...
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How to track impediments in SCRUM?

This has been asked several times already but none of the answers fully convince me. We are an R&D team doing some support from time to time. Most of the support work can be included in capacity ...
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Resolving impediments caused by other teams

I am a ScrumMaster for a development team. We have an impediment which will be resolved by an engineer on a different team. Does anyone have any tips or techniques for speeding this along. Should I ...
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