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Questions tagged [internships]

For questions about project/product manager internships.

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My Project Milestones Do not Represent My Current Tasks. What should I do to track my project?

I am involved in a project for my summer internship. Prior to the start of the internship, I have set several milestones to help me track the progress made toward reaching the goals of the project. ...
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How to effectively prepare for a Program Manager internship?

I've been offered one of my dream internships for this next summer. I'll be working as a "Program Manager" for a top notch software company. For some examples of what I mean by PM, take a look at ...
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Working with interns

I am working in Mexico for a financial company. Some months ago I got a task to develop all the software needed in the company. I have a 3 person team dedicated for developing the company software. ...
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