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Managing scope creep in Agile

I often get asked this question in the interview, and no matter what I answer the interviewers do not seem to get satisfied. So, they start with asking how to manage scope creep in Project Management?...
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How to determine the skills of a software developer in a job interview?

I have come to a new challenge in my career that involves handling some job interviews, and I must determine if the applicant really has mastered the skills he/she lists in his/her CV. How do I ...
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How to handle selection process for new project manager position I'm interested in?

In the company I'm currently working at, there is a new opening for a project manager position. I've been here for two long years working in a more technical role (software configuration manager), ...
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Interviewing business analyst

There is a small company working on a software projects - mainly medium-sized integration project for big clients from financial industry. There is a PM, a few developers, a couple of quality ...
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Interview preparation tips for junior project manager position or project manager with no experiences

What kind of preparations or any helpful tips should be done/handle ahead for going in interview for junior project manager position or project manager position? ( A person who has no PM experiences ...
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Why do companies claim they're using Scrum, when they aren't?

Being a software developer who interviewed with a lot of companies and switched jobs a couple of times, I noticed a lot of companies tend to claim they're using Scrum (e.g. during the interview ...
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Scrum Master Interview Questions [closed]

As an internal Agile Coach, I'm often asked to help select new Scrum Masters for teams. I would like to develop a set of questions to evaluate existing employees for their fit for being a scrum master ...
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