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Why is the ECAB a subset of a CAB in Change Management?

ITIL states that the ECAB is a subset of the CAB. Why is that the case? Why is it not a superset including more members to make sure communication with external parties is more efficient?
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In ITIL, is an issue like an application suddenly won't open, an incident?

Case 1: Let's say that I have a recurring issue that causes an application to not launch. I know a workaround, I just try one more time but there is currently no fix to make it always open properly. ...
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Does ITIL has a specific area dedicated to Software Quality Managment?

i'm new to ITIL and i have been looking for an area in ITIL, that specifically talks about SQM. Does this area exists expecifically for Software? If it exists it would be great if anybody could point ...
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What is the different between Application Management and Configuration Management in ITIL v3?

What is the difference between Application Management and Configuration Management, in the specific context of managing version, resources and architectures of internally developed applications? My ...
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Best practice for Service Acceptance criteria in User Story format?

Like many in this forum, I am working in an enterprise organisation that subscribes largely to the ITIL model of service management. A discrete team that provide guidance and sign-off for service ...
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How can ITIL Change Management adapt to work with iterative frameworks and the Agile values?

A Change Management representative recently attended a Scrum workshop for a separate business area not under traditional ITIL Change Management. He asked for a some guidance and resources on how his ...
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What is the difference between ITIL and PMP?

It seems I'm dragging you along with me in the IT field, believe me, it's not premeditated. My question - a little broad that I admit - is: when is ITIL used and when is the PMP used? and why rather ...