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Questions tagged [kanban]

Use the Kanban tag for project management questions about how to implement Kanban as a methodology. This tag is not for questions about software recommendations. However, questions about how to integrate a specific software solution or tool as it relates to Kanban is on topic.

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JIRA dummy release released hides open tasks

I have created a dummy release in Jira for all the tasks that do not require code deployment. However, if I release it, all the issues linked to it are automatically gone from the board, even if their ...
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How to add column to Team-managed Jira Kanban board

Looked on Jira site but all articles I found were for Company Boards. This is a team-managed board. How do I add a "swimlane" column to a Jira kanban board? UPDATE Someone pointed me to ...
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How to create subtask of issue in jira kanban board

I'm using Jira Business Project "Kanban" board. I'd like to somehow group Issues on the board. Use Cases: One task is dependent (perhaps sequentially) on another. Example: Research ...
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