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Questions tagged [kanban]

Use the Kanban tag for project management questions about how to implement Kanban as a methodology. This tag is not for questions about software recommendations. However, questions about how to integrate a specific software solution or tool as it relates to Kanban is on topic.

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In kanban As a product owner how to behave with a controlling customer?

We work in a software project with Kanban. My role is a product owner/technical product owner. The customer have always new requirements and one of the stakeholders is doing the tester role so he's ...
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How to apply Kanban when team members support product lifecycle end to end?

Background My team is an outgrowth of the "low code, no code" movement, originally utilizing visualization tools and lightweight ETL tools for data analytics; we're progressed to some more ...
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How to add column to Team-managed Jira Kanban board

Looked on Jira site but all articles I found were for Company Boards. This is a team-managed board. How do I add a "swimlane" column to a Jira kanban board? UPDATE Someone pointed me to ...
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How to create subtask of issue in jira kanban board

I'm using Jira Business Project "Kanban" board. I'd like to somehow group Issues on the board. Use Cases: One task is dependent (perhaps sequentially) on another. Example: Research ...
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