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For questions about Key Performance Indicators (KPI), like its determination, calculation, etc.

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How to objectively measure reduction of Time To Market for a diverse portfolio of projects

We, as an RnD department of a small-ish product company, want to focus on reducing Time To Market of the projects that are done in-house. This raises the question – how do we objectively measure our ...
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What is a healthy [bug cards]/[total cards] ratio for game development?

The product manager of my development team wants to use this ratio as a KPI, which allegedly will indicate things like: the quality of our code the amount of focus we put on development before ...
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Contribution metric for advisor and code reviewer

We are an early-stage software development startup. Recently we have two people who joined our team. John, a co-founder and technical advisor, and Bill, a code reviewer. In short, John's tasks are ...
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How do I measure employee (software developer) performance based on bugs analyzed and fixed?

I am trying to overhaul the bug-ticket management process for the company I'm working at. One of the requirements is that top-level management knows how productive the developers are when fixing bugs. ...
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Aggregate KPI for time and performance

I have a project KPI that I can measure daily: the use of a bottleneck resource, measured as the % against a target value of hours of use. Example: Week_1 day_1: 100% day_2: 95% day_3: 95% day_4: ...
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How to Calculate Effort Variance in Scrum

My team currently works in 3 week sprints and we are capturing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for each sprint. One of the KPIs is Effort Variance (EV) per sprint My question is at the end of the ...
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Change request affecting sales - what KPIs shall be used for tracking commercial perspective?

In our organization we decide to develop new product after we have enough evidence and confidence this new product will bring X amount of revenue and gross profit. Then in execution stage we face ...
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Is a good Scrum practice to meassure the developer team by the story points completed at the end of the sprint?

We have new teams working on scrum and they estimates all the points of a several ammount of stories. But, at the beggining, they have no reference of how ammount of points could be delivered in two-...
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Cycle Time - Story vs Task?

I am trying to measure the cycle time of my team. The problem is that the issues (tasks or stories) have very different sizes. Sometimes someone just creates a task like: "Create a backend api", that ...
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Is using of the term "KPI" correct at process level?

I have read in many business books that KPIs should be only those metrics that directly relate to organizational strategic goals. Also that C-level people look at them and can act on them. According ...
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How to measure individual performance in a Scrum environment?

I would like to know if there is a way to measure the team members of a Scrum Team individually. All the measures I found apply over the team; this makes sense because the idea is to share all the ...
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What is a healthy ratio of [time spent on bugs]/[total time spent on project]?

As a metric of software quality, we calculated the ratio in the Title. The value of this KPI should have the following meaning: 0 (0%) = no work on bug, this means that all the time spent on the ...
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How to set properly aligned KPIs for engineers and QA staff

Intro I like to setup KPIs for my engineering/QA teams. I use that to evaluate performance and help determine bonus/raise each quarter. This is one KPI I set for my engineers: % of tasks that ...
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How to Measure the SLA Performance of IT Techs in Managed Services Provider? [closed]

My company provides IT managed services support to multiple clients that have SLA agreements with us. We have multiple technicians tackling the many tickets that flow in. For each ticket we have two ...
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What is the difference between metric and KPI?

I know that KPI is a metric and metric is not necessarily a KPI, but I still don't understand the difference between these two. Let's take Periscope application as an example. What are possible KPI ...
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How to measure the value of Product management?

There are 2 types of product management broadly - New Product and Existing products. For an existing product, the task of the product manager is to increase revenue, in a declining market share ...
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How should a Scrum development team track KPIs (key performance indicators) besides sprint commitments?

The most obvious KPI for a development team that uses Scrum is the ability to hit sprint commitments. But is there any other efficient way for such a team to track KPIs?
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Meaningful metric to track and forecast research

Is there a theory and/or study backed way to measure/track and forecast research activities? As it seems clear that R&D must be treated differently than production work for example, I could not ...
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Time taken for a project versus time objective

I've set a time objective for my project. 10 days, for example. The project took 15 days to complete. I have to report the performance regarding the time of the project, as a %. My question is: how ...
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delay in schedule as KPI?

In Microsoft Project 2013, what is the best way to show delay in schedule as KPI? In EPM, I want to highlight the projects with more than 20% of schedule delay.
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How can I improve measurement of Sprint Goals that are based on soft skills or communication processes?

Background I am currently coaching a non-development team on Scrum practices. The team is focused on back-office, administrative processes. This makes the work somewhat of a pull-queue where Kanban ...
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What are good KPI's for measuring high-level strategic goals?

I need to track organizational execution on high-level, long-term goals, along the lines of: Encourage collaboration Improve productivity Increase customer satisfaction Some of these can be measured ...
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What software quality KPIs do you use?

I need to define the KPIs which will help me to say if software coming out from the project is good or bad. I mean does it fulfill quality KPIs which were targeted or not. The question of course is ...
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Which KPI should I use to measure performance of software developer?

I would like to measure performance of my developers using KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Which KPI would best help me distinguish between good and "needs improvement" programmers?
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How do I measure employee (software developer) performance based on bugs created?

I am trying to implement KPI for employees of my company. One of the KPI have listed is the quality of code, as measured by bugs created by developers. Now my problem is: I am planning to give 40 ...
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