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The process of experimentally obtaining one or more quantity values that can reasonably be attributed to a quantity.

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How to show potential benefits of suggested solution?

I am working on call centre projects and analyzing their operational data to determine the source of longer call duration time. As a part of the solution recommendation, I am suggesting 2 software, ...
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How can I measure the effective team work per iteration?

I have a team of 4 developers and 1 QA. My workflow in Jira is: Backlog -> Analysis -> In Development -> QA Ready -> QA Complete -> Done Every sprint (1 week) all issues get into QA Ready stage (QA ...
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Is a good Scrum practice to meassure the developer team by the story points completed at the end of the sprint?

We have new teams working on scrum and they estimates all the points of a several ammount of stories. But, at the beggining, they have no reference of how ammount of points could be delivered in two-...
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Metrics to measure teamwork / team spirit

I recently started as manager of a team of 10 developers that did manage itself before. I noticed that they do not act that well as a team but rather everybody fights for his own. There are a lot of ...
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Measuring code productivity between team members

First question, so here goes! Between two programmers on the same team, one has produced more code but more defects, whilst the other has produced around 20% less code but significantly less defects ...
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How to measure efficiency of tasks for a very small project

I am a programmer using sharepoint, and I am the lead and the project manager since I do not have subordinates under me. My boss is non-technical and doesn't have much visibility in what I do and just ...
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How to measure the value of Product management?

There are 2 types of product management broadly - New Product and Existing products. For an existing product, the task of the product manager is to increase revenue, in a declining market share ...
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Oversee and monitor several scrum projects

I have to oversight several different scrum project. Which measurements for the health of a project do you regularly look at? I appreciate your replies!
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How can the economic efficiency of a scrum team be measured?

I'm given the task to develop a measurement on how efficient our team is within our current development process (scrum). The measurement has to be done for the complete team not for individuals. My ...
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How to manage a project in foreign country - language barrier

I moved to Asia recently. I have to optimize some production cells, mainly painting cell (manual spray), which means measurements. No operators in the company can speak English. In the offices, some ...
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Management techniques apply to hierarchies, but teams in real world are cyclical graphs

There is so much literature about working with organizational hierarchies and methods to monitor them and measure performance, but in reality teams behave more like (heavily) cyclical graphs, ...
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12 answers

Badges for project team members for motivation

Stack Exchange is using nice way to motivate contribution through Badges. I was thinking of implementing this same idea for my project team members. Badges will be awarded to project team members in ...
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Suggestions on tracking open source project usage [closed]

I have a small open source project, hosted on Google Code, and I'd like to be able to get a sense as to where and how the project is being used (besides the visitor info I can get from Google ...
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2 answers

How do you track and measure multitasked work and deliverables between different teams?

Projects have different tasks. As PM, you need to measure how effective the team member with the task he/she is executing. What if the team member multitasks? How do you measure multitasking? I have ...
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What are the signs of an incompetent project manager? [closed]

Responses to this are likely to be subjective but I ask of you not "to vent" against your current/ex manager and instead respond to what you think is a managers failing point (or points). I think ...
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Is there quantitative evidence showing that processes adapted from manufacturing work when applied to software projects?

Most management practices derived from manufacturing were developed in an environment where measurements to the nearest 1/1000th are common place. Most software project strive to estimate production ...
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Success factors of a Project Manager?

What are the success factors for a Project Manager? What are the best way to measure these factors? To ask the question in a different way: What does a successful Project Manager look like and how ...
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What are the signs that a project is going wrong?

The obvious answer is 'missing key milestones', but that depends on a structured project plan with clear milestones (e.g. waterfall model). What are some of the not-so-obvious or subtle signs that ...