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For questions that deal with how project managers actions affect team morale, including improving team morale and what destroys team morale.

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4 votes
5 answers

"Dead horse" topics banned at sprint retrospectives, is this good practice - why or why not?

I'm asking as a member of an Agile (Scrum) team, not as the PM/PO/Scrum Master. On this project there are a handful of well-known impediments / problems / things that didn't go well, which are a ...
1 vote
7 answers

Actions to improve Scrum Restrospective

Which actions could be done in the Retros (- or, how could I guide the Retro) to turn the ceremony more attractive to the Dev Team? Lately we've been just collecting what should be improved + what ...
4 votes
2 answers

Is it better to revitalise or restart a project that has been modified?

A classic scenario: Revamp a website with a new color scheme and a left navigation bar. After the team has started working on it for a while, upper management decides to go with a completely ...