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This is for questions regarding improving motivation or handling motivation problems in the team. This tag also applies to motivation issues with project managers and other stakeholders. Avoid poll-type questions.

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What value do project managers provide a software development team?

What value does a project manager bring? How do they benefit the technical members of the team who do the work (e.g., the software developers)? Why should software developers prefer to have a ...
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Motivating younger (Generation Y) members

I realize many articles have been written about generational differences in the workforce, but I'd like to know specific things you've done to help motivate younger team members. I belong to "...
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How can I avoid team burnout?

I work for a small web company that deals with a lot of projects, a few at any given time are development heavy for us (400-1500 hours or more) and I've been noticing developers get extremely burnt ...
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Rewards or Penalties? Or just rewards?

What motivational mechanism works more effectively - penalties or rewards? I'm also interested to know whether penalties are used in modern software development teams. If they are - in what form? ps. ...
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How to attract and motivate talented young people to work in our project?

I deal with the HR management and would like to ask what are the most effective attractors and motivators for young highly skilled people. Some more details: I am not project manager; I am head of ...
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Handling unskilled / unmotivated team members

I am a project manager, for a major project at school. One of my team members had joined the team as a developer, without knowledge of particular languages. The member has spent almost half the ...
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How to choose, motivate & develop a newbie programmer?

Imagine that you need to hire new programmer, however you are 100% sure that there are not experienced (what you need) developers on the local market and you need to work with newbies. A couple of ...
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How to get burned out team back engaged again?

You get the project and development team which is assigned to it recently finished one of those hard-core projects, where everyone is working overtime for long months just to end up being completely ...
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What is the best way to reward a small project team? (specially, at New Year event)

Let me explain a little about this "reward". I don't know if it is common everywhere, but companies in our country often offer some reward at the end of the year (Lunar New Year, or maybe Christmas). ...
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How could I motivate my project team members to be self-motivated?

Some team members are self-motivated however some others is not. Non self-motivated members is slowing down the velocity of the project which cause frustration to the other members and to management. ...
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Remote start up company software development

I'm handling a team of 6 2 Software Engineers 1 Software Architect 2 Creative Artists 1 System Administrator for a remote start up company, what could be the best project management and software ...
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Project gamification - is it worth a try? [closed]

I consider introducing some gaming elements to a project. The team does Scrum and it would be nice to add some more motivation, so I was thinking about set of rewards which would favor teamwork and ...
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How to improve the team-work?

Recently our team was informed that they will be joined to another team. We work in a big system and there are several subsystems that demand specific competencies, currently we have: Team-A --> ...
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how to integrate millennials into an existing working environment without firing them and keeping the old employees as well?

My question is related to groups, motivation and millennials - aka generation y. I had a colleague who was a real millennial: he was really driven, he was always looking for new challenges, and was ...
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Are there any wrong methods when selecting a team?

When selecting a team do you think it’s beneficial to use information collated from exercises such as Honey & Mumford – Learning Style Questionnaires? Furthermore, would you encourage team/...
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How to motivate a team? (software development OOP year 1 degree project)

I'm currently in college, working as part of at team for one of the CA projects. it's a problem based learning project where we've been given a trigger and told to come up with something to represent ...
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What questions would you recommend to ask to a potential employer for a project manager role?

My current role is more on IT operations but there is a lot of overlap between operations and project management. I am looking for a project management role and looking a company that is better fit ...
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