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Entering Contract Start and Contract End Date in MS Project

What is the best approach for having contract start and end dates in MS Project? The issue I am facing is the following: I entered both dates as milestones. all project activities are of course ...
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Plot CVI and SVI in EVA graphical report

I am using Project 2007 to perform the calculation related to the EVA methodology. Everything works as expected, and when I generate the earned value over time graphical report I have the correct ...
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Display completion % by custom columns instead of summary tasks?

I have a project structured with the below tasks: Summary task A: Project Initiation Sub task A1 Sub task A2 Summary task B: Project Design Sub task B1 (Workstream 1) Sub task B2 (Workstream 1) ...
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MS Project 2007 Start End Date Mismatch

I have kept the correct start and end date but the duration is getting wrongly calculated. The start date is 11-June-2015 and end date is 16th -Sept -2015 . They are appearing fine in MPP. But the ...
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Using MS Project 2007 for Manufacturing Build Time

Is there a way for MS Project 2007 to calculate durations based on a give time/part and total number of parts. For example: A manufacturing process can process 1 part every 30 sec and we want to ...
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Planned work until date in MS Project 2007

I want to know the Planned work until the status date to compare with the Earned work done to this date. It is a value calculated in ARTEMIS , but I'm new in MS Project and I don't find it. Like the ...
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Working with a pool/group of resources

How can I effectively work with a pool of team member (nor the usual resource pool share file in project)? Let me rephrase. My resources are spread into pools/groups, that share the same skills and ...
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Level Remaining Resource Units

My goal is to optimize resource usage when having priority tasks partially allocated. MS Project 2007 simple two task scenario (My project has thousands of tasks) with automatic leveling: ======-----...
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How to permit multiple Project Managers to update a shared project

I have searched and not found an answer for this (nor did Google help). We are on Project Server 2007. I am running a large program with multiple project managers handling different parts of the ...
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How do I auto-level a project mid-duration taking into account % complete on tasks?

I have a MS Project 2007 plan with six months of work in it. I'm updating the % Work Complete on the tasks as we progress through the plan each week and month. I'm moving the "Project Start" date ...
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Difference in %complete after rescheduling between MSP 2007 and 2010

I have a file that has a single task. its fixed duration and is not effort driven and no resource is defined. duration is set to 10 days. after 5 days, %complete is 10%. after entering this data and ...
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How to calculate variance between baseline 1 start and actual start in MS Project (2007)?

I would like to find out the variance between baseline start 1 and actual start. However, I realised that the start variance value as seen from the Variance table actually shows the difference between ...
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How can we update nested projects in master project

When we open 1 project from MS Project Server , then we can update it easy and fetch changes and publish again to MSPS. But when we have many project and programs that embedded them in 1 Master ...
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How to start off a project plan documentation for research oriented projects?

I have planned all the tasks using MS Project 2007. I used shots of Gantt chart, Network diagram and critical path. Can the project documentation plan have the following contents? Project ...
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How to manage different detail levels in a project plan to be presented to different audiences?

In any given project, a variety of detail levels are needed: executive summary technical summary delivery team summary delivery details How can these different levels of detail be contained and ...
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How do I get MS Project to give "Actual Finish" using a new baseline?

I have a schedule baselined in MS Project 2007. We have identified, documented and obtained approval for a change to this schedule. I plan to save the new baseline as "Baseline 1" and keep the ...
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How to add slippage to a project when using Microsoft Project 2007?

I have a plan with original dates that I would like to keep but then I have a project phase that is now delayed. Are there recommended approaches when using Project 2007? Thanks
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how can I highlight overdue tasks in MS Project 2007

I am using MS Project 2007. I want to highlight overdue tasks in red color. Is there any way to do so?
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