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Tracking external dependency stories

Say you have three projects. Two of these projects are end-user facing products (Project A and B). The third is an infrastructure project (Project I) where all the work will never be directly ...
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Software Dev Team; Managing Task Across Multiple Projects in a Manufacturing Plant with no Deadlines or Set Features?

I work on an very small software development team of 3 (remote 'full' timer, a full-time developer on-site, and myself as 'lead' on-site) in a "small" aerospace manufacturing plant of about 300 ...
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How can we manage multiple projects, as one small scrum team?

I know Agile came about as a group of 'adaptive software development' methods, where Scrum is one of them. Some background: We are an innovative web agency, which implies design and development. We ...
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When developing the same app for multiple platforms how do you keep the implementation aligned

We have an Android native app and now want to build an iOS native version. We work scrum / kanban process. How best can we ensure that the Features / User Stories implementation on both versions align?...
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How can I schedule resources across multiple projects?

Drawing from the body and comments of a previous question, what is the best way to schedule simultaneous projects and resources to those projects? For example, in a group of 16 staff, each working on ...
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How to manage R&D projects in a R&D department?

Background We have got a R&D department within our company. It consists of a few 'core team members' who work full time. They are open-minded technical people who jump into new ideas and try to ...
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How many projects can a PM manage at the same time?

We are a small team and can afford only one project manager (PM). As a result he's basically managing all of our projects. To keep the quality of our business, we would not like to overload him. ...
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Vision for a team with multiple projects

Steve McConnell mentions in his Rapid Development book that a team needs a shared, elevating vision or goal to be a real team not just a group of people. What could be the vision when there are ...
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Physical board/overview for multiple projects with many participants

We're a webdesign agency with numerous simultaneous projects, and a lot of people working on different projects. We already have an online PM-system which works fairly well, but we'd like a physical ...
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Can we use only one Scrum board for a team with multiple projects?

I am doing research for school. My research is covering how we could have one Scrum board for one team that works on multiple projects simultaneously. Scrum methodology is not just for working on one ...
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Managing multiple development projects in Scrum

My organization is currently using Scrum to manage a large development project. Once this is complete we will start to work on several smaller projects (ranging from approx 2 weeks to 2 months work) ...
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Separation of multi-team project into several projects

When should a multi-team project be split to run as separate projects? Where lays the border, when something should be run as separate project? Case: 3 feature teams (DEVs+QAs) working on ...
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