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Questions tagged [negotiation]

For questions about all practical aspects of negotiations within project management.

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What contract type to use when the scope is largely defined (but NOT completely)?

The fixed-price contract is generally used when the scope of the project is clearly defined. The T&M contract is generally used when the scope of the project can't be clearly defined (a customer ...
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How a software development contract is concluded?

Let's suppose a customer wants to create a software product and there is a software development company that is able to develop this product. They need to create a contract. But both sides has their ...
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How to handle projects with historic data

I work for a company that sells an out-of-the-box software, but I recently remarked that our projects are becoming hell, because of our commercial staff that accept the requests from some clients to ...
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How to negotiate a software proposal?

My company (western Europe) needs to outsource a project, and I received an offer from a eastern Europe software company. The proposal consists of a main part and an optional part. The work is ...
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How to respond to too much work in too little time from the customer?

How do you respond to customer demanding too much to be done in not enough time? This is in an IT environment. Responding by "We can not do it" as true as it is, put the focus on us that we are not ...
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How do I get client to participate in acceptance testing?

We have a weak spot in our flow. Whenever the time for acceptance testing comes, our client simply doesn't do it in time. There are 50 user stories in Jira waiting to be reviewed by him. The number is ...
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What are the ways and best practices when negotiating with a client?

What are the different ways of negotiating with a client (online, email, face-to-face meeting, etc.) and what are the best practices in each of this case? I know that it can depend on the specific ...
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Managing egos of developers

So I am managing a team of people, all working on different tech projects, I am now being given a hard time with the development team for one project because I do not know their project as in depth ...
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Are win-win situations/negotiations always fair? [closed]

Based on some statement of a book (the 7 habits of highly effective people), a friend told me that every win-win negotiation implies that the outcome is fair for both parts, and that fairness was a ...
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How to repay technical debt still delivering features?

The picture I saw far too many times over my career. A team of developers in a company driven by non-technical management, practising scrum, severely pressured to deliver points and features by ...
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Who needs to pay overtime caused by bugs from software we used in an implementation?

Consider: We are implementing an ERP for a customer, and we had some bugs that make us lose a lot of time. They were not a result of our modification but on the base software. We had overtime on some ...
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Organizing teams without authority support

As part of an academic course we have to develop a project. It is a group of 5 students. In such environment there is no hierarchy, all students have the same authority. There are several tasks to be ...
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