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Questions tagged [nexus]

For questions about the Nexus scaled agile framework built on Scrum. This tag is NOT about the Nexus Repository by Sonatype.

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How many Nexus Integration Teams?

With 19 scrum teams. The PO selects 6 goals for the sprint. Cross Team Refinement shows multiple dependencies across all 6 goals. The scrum teams plan and it's achievable. Multiple Dependency Charts ...
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How to do Large-Scale Scrum LeSS or Nexus with remote teams?

Disclaimer: I am new to the scaled agile topic. I researched a bit about how to scale scrum -> Scaled scrum/agile frameworks (SAFe vs. Nexus vs. LeSS) comparison and I like the comparably lean ...
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Scrum / Nexus - Scrum of Scrums and Daily Nexus Scrum - Clarifications [closed]

How you guys resolving problem that during SOS/DNS devs making dial in and clarifying things with Product Owner? What can rootcause of this? - Bad grooming? I think this is bad practice
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SCRUM and Nexus Frameworks - 1 Team with multiple projects

I work essentially for 3 companies. A development team consisting of members from the 3 different companies will be formed to build 1 related product (w/ several versions). The complex part is that, ...
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Who should attend Nexus Sprint Planning?

I started to learn the Nexus framework and found one interesting sentence: All members of the Scrum Teams should participate to minimize communication issues. Does this mean that someone should ...
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Difference between Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Nexus Framework

I am trying to understand the differences in the "process" between Less and Nexus; they seem very similar in the way they scale Scrum. I am not trying to understand which one to select, but what ...
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Multiple feature teams but no version control; how to scale delivery?

OK; this is a real-world question rather than a theoretical construct. Context: Multinational company flirting with scaled Agile and/or Nexus. Currently have 3 large agile programmes of 200+ ...
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Is Ken Schwaber advocating a platform model in this blog post?

Context: Working as a Developer within an enterprise delivery encompassing a full technology stack across 22 feature teams - very SOA and backend heavy. As part of the Agile journey for the teams we ...
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