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Questions about project management in open source projects.

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Multiple people working on the same new open source project and chaos [closed]

How to take advantage of multiple people working on a single android app when it comes to tasks and task delegation? It seems like a lot of times it is a matter of sewing multiple pieces of code done ...
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Applying Agile Methodologies to Open Source Volunteer projects?

What Agile principals can be extended to classical volunteer Open Source Project Management? Challenges compared to a traditional workspace. Managing burnout / over-commitment of volunteers. ...
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I want to create a summary task without indenting the subtasks

Is there a way to create a highlevel task that will summarize all the subordinate tasks without indenting the subtasks?
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How open source projects work without project manager?

Somebody told me the open source projects go ahead without project managers and it was interesting for me to know is this really true? If so, how does it happen?
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How is consensus and accountability achieved in large software development projects?

I'm studying how distributed software is managed (Linux, Wikipedia etc) and am trying to figure out if there is any pattern for consensus and accountability. Ideally I could visualize the inputs and ...
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Agile "Open Source" Content Creation framework

I work for an agile consulting practice. We now have over twenty coaches and about half again that number of other key contributors. We're wanting to create an agile framework to support the ...
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Preventing "functional redundancy" in large organizations: Where are the discussions?

Looking for the correct terminology to research what IT Management science calls the level of software just above the "open source" level. Looking to research how very large organizations try to ...
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Is it possible to create a recurring task in OpenProj?

Is it possible to create a recurring task in OpenProj? If so, how do you edit a task to make it a recurring task?
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Scope in 4 party sponsored open source project

As a web development company, we are developing highly customized and complex websites based on a popular open source platform (Joomla). I see that 4 of our clients have an overlapping problem, so I ...
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40 work hours a week is said to be the limit for productiveness, does it include open-source?

I keep seeing articles about the uselessness of working more than 40 hours a week, this one for example but I remember I read the same on Forbes and others. Does this estimate include the time spent ...
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What software can I use to make it easy for developers on my project to vote? [closed]

I am working on an open source project, and we are looking to make changes to the way we do version control. I want to propose several systems, and have the developers vote. What would be a good ...
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Places to find free software projects who need a project manager?

While I have plenty of project management "booksmarts" and a handful of PM experience, I don't seem to have enough experience to get the sort of job I want. Since "I read another PM book/blog today"...
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Software tool for resource pipeline planning for multiple projects [closed]

My company has about 20 - 30 open projects at any given time, as well as 5 - 10 that have been approved and will start within the next few weeks. We currently use Basecamp to manage the projects and ...
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Open Source Agile Project tracker?

I have a small project I want to carry out. I need an open source Project Tracker which could integrate with Subversion and has a Scrum oriented UI. I'm trying to raise this as a client server on a ...
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Is Redmine sufficient for light to moderate project management? If so, what plug-ins are required?

"Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. Redmine is open source and released under the terms of ...
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Where are opesource requirements analysis and design documentation [closed]

It's very easy to get the code of an opensource project, but it's different for the higher level artifacts. Is it because it's called open source, is it because I can't find it, or what? Is there a ...
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