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Questions tagged [pay]

This tag is used for questions that involve pay for members of a project team.

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Milestone based or Calendar based payment terms in fixed-price projects

probably this is a question not about project management, but I would like to hear your experience or you could suggest where should I look (googling did not help) So IT service providers use to have ...
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Problem with estimate, scope and programmer [closed]

What will you do as a project manager if the programmer is asking for overtime pay due to additional hours spent to additional user stories that was not planned on the initial estimate, but when you ...
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3 answers

Expectations - In a start-up, what happens when the project is finished?

What kind of future position can a project manager expect in a start-up? Should I expect to be let go once the product is up and running or will I be expected to morph into something else? The ...
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Better (financial) motivation for a developer: percentage or fixed salary?

Until now, I worked on projects with fixed salary, receiving it at each period (monthly). But I would like to know, what if the workers should receive their salary with a percentage of the project's ...
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JIRA - generating work log reports

We are using JIRA to manage our tasks and to allow our client to review the progress and decides what to do next. Our developers are logging their work pretty accurately. Ideally our workflow would ...
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What are alternative methods of deciding how much employees get paid?

In almost every company I've been to, pay is decided by a yearly review using feedback garnered from colleagues. This has a lot of negatives associated with it. People save feedback until the year ...
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