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Questions tagged [planning]

This tag is for questions that involve planning a project schedule or planning tasks for the team.

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Is multi-project management possible in OpenProject?

Can I track multiple projects at the same time by using OpenProject?
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Auto Scheduling in Microsoft Project Planning 2016 is not working as expected

I scheduled many tasks in the AUTO schedule, However, it is not taking/changing the dates once I link all the tasks. Due to that, I selected the start date manually which is resulting in a different ...
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MS project status update with % complete AND actual work

I have created a new MS Project project with a task in it. This task has a "Work" of 360 hours and is assigned to two resources. The task is scheduled with "Fixed units" and "...
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Show timebased plan and the people involved at each activity

Disclaimer: I am not a project manager, just a software developer, so I may need some help wording this to make it acceptable. I was talking to a company who want me to do some consulting work, ...
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Is it difficult or time-wasting for developers to adjust page design based on component design changes?

I have been curious about that how much effort developers have to make to adjust components to accommodate changes in UI design. Sometimes I think a design from UX is good and there's no problem for ...
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