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This tag is for questions regarding the USAGE of software directly related to project management. Questions about technical support or product selection are off-topic. You should already know what tool you plan to use and what process the tool will automate before writing your question. Use specific software tags (e.g. "ms-project", "jira") rather than this generic tag whenever possible.

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Project Management Software for a web development company [closed]

I have been doing freelancing with PHP, Ruby, and mostly open source frameworks for a long time. Now that I have a certain client base, they are giving me regular projects. I have decided to go in ...
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3 answers

Open Source Project Management Software [closed]

There are many users here who might be using one project management software or the other. Some may be using paid or some stick with opensource. Paid are good and have good set of features. But whats ...
9 votes
13 answers

Software for task tracking [closed]

I'm remotely managing a team of about 10 persons, and it becomes difficult to track every task and its status. I'm looking for a solution for task tracking. There are already a few of such ...
4 votes
4 answers

What is the correct process for assessing project management tools/solutions?

We do cross-platform development with .NET, Java, and iOS. I have been tasked with selecting an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution suitable for managing multiple small distributed teams. ...
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Please Advise On Project Management software [closed]

Assume I work as a part of a small team (2-3) people who are all remote from each other. We build web applications. * I use a project management web application to manage bugs/resources/specs etc. * ...
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PM Software for managing communications history

I work for a small (3 person) consulting/Investment Banking group. For the last 2 years I've been looking for some kind of software to help us manage our "projects" but our projects look nothing like ...
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3 answers

How to transition from programmer to project manager?

I'm a programmer at a small company who's used to receiving projects by someone saying in a meeting: "make an e-commerce website," and then I'll just take it upon myself to do it. The only ...
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23 votes
15 answers

What is better: a physical Scrum board or an online board?

I used to practice Scrum with a physical board. We often faced problems when working with distributed teams or just when going into a meeting room. So I decided to implement a SaaS service to provide ...
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22 votes
5 answers

Why are estimates treated like deadlines?

This is one thing that I've always taken as a given, the "status quo" in my line of field (software development) but never really gave it a deep thought. And even now that I do, I still don't ...
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Should there be separate PMs for projects which involve development of new hardware and new software?

My company is developing a new product which consists of several embedded systems. The hardware for these devices is being developed by electrical and mechanical engineers and the software is being ...
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Open Source Agile Project tracker?

I have a small project I want to carry out. I need an open source Project Tracker which could integrate with Subversion and has a Scrum oriented UI. I'm trying to raise this as a client server on a ...
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Electronic kanban board [closed]

In my project we decided to use Kanban. We started with trello, the application is very nice but it has too few features. It doesn't support: WIP limits Class of service Multiple swim lanes Which ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Scrum+Kanban SaaS tool [closed]

Do you want to use such tool? It will be some tool with product backlog, sprint backlogs, Scrum/Kanban dashboard... Me and my partners want to develop this.
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1 answer

What criteria are best suited to compare various Kanban tools in terms of maxmizing ROI?

We are a service oriented business catering our service to various agaencies offering us software development projects with tight deadlines and frequent updates. As a team, we are focusing to manage ...
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Non-Microsoft Project Management Softwares [closed]

Which Project Management Software would you recommend to assist PMs in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads, other than MS ...
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What is the best video conferencing / meeting tool for scrum teams? [closed]

I have 10 scrum (agile) teams and all of my teams have remote members in different locations. I need the following feature but not necessarily at the same time: Works and easy to set up for ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Project, Time, and Task Management software 1 person [closed]

I have spend countless hours trying demos of the 100's of types of project and task management software out there, and none seem to fit the bill of exactly what I am looking to accomplish. I decided ...
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Project Management Gantt Tool makes All Tasks Concurrent

All the gantt tools I have tried make all tasks concurrent, until I specify start date or dependencies. I do not yet know the start date, and not all tasks have dependencies (well not enough to fully ...
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7 answers

Which Collaboration Software Do You Use? [closed]

We are looking for a new Collaboration-Software. Especially for collaboration, monitoring, reporting, project management, bugtracking, time management, agile software etc. So I am interested in your ...
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How to represent changes on efforts % for a specific resource over different tasks?

Scenario: John Doe is 100% allocated to the task 'vacations' from 01/Dec to 01/Feb. He's doing great (a lot of efforts to wake up at 11AM!), but during 20/Dec to 30/Jan John needs to be 50% '...
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How to choose project management applications? [closed]

How to choose project management applications? Is it the license, is it ergonomics, wealth of features, .etc?
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Best Option Over MS Project [closed]

Can someone provide a good alternative to MS Project 2013. How to sequence tasks given time estimates?
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