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Questions tagged [pm-software]

This tag is for questions regarding the USAGE of software directly related to project management. Questions about technical support or product selection are off-topic. You should already know what tool you plan to use and what process the tool will automate before writing your question. Use specific software tags (e.g. "ms-project", "jira") rather than this generic tag whenever possible.

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How to set dependencies in TeamWork app to cascade delays in one task into dates of other tasks?

Let's say I have multiple tasks that are supposed to be taken care of one after another. Each has its own date of completion. task 1 - will be completed on 15 march (1 day) task 2 - will be completed ...
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MS Project 2010 task calendar not working

I've created a task calendar for certain transports that can only occur on Wednesdays, with only Wednesdays marked as working time. But when I apply that calendar to the transport milestone items, MS ...
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TaskJuggler, how to allocate limited resources for one-off task?

I have a taskjuggler project. During the "meat" of the work, the entire team can work on this only a limited number of hours per period (using day here for convenience). I accomplish this ...
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In Jira-Domo integration, issues with more than 1 sprint show as closed in the first sprint

We set up DOMO to pull from our Jira issues. We noticed that the Velocity charts were not matching up. We realized that for issues that are rolled into more than one sprint - if they weren't complete ...
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Support for Resource Overview in Omniplan

In Omniplan 2.3.5, Is there any way to create a Resource report similar to the report Microsoft Project offers? This report should include: how many hours does a resource work when do they start ...
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