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This is for questions where corporate or company politics are involved that generally relate to the culture of the organization, client, or other aspects that may influence or challenge a project's ability to be successful.

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5 answers

Deliver results when finished significantly prior to the agreed deadline?

In the seldom cases where your project (or milestone) completion estimation was too pessimistic, do you deliver results right away? If not, which tasks do you assign your team members in the meantime? ...
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How to deal with chaotic stakeholder who is high in pecking order?

Consider you run a project where a key stakeholder is one of VPs. She is a typical hit-and-run type of person: she comes to a project team with half-baked idea, either refuses to discuss details ...
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What criteria should be considered when deciding to do work which goes beyond project scope?

Answering my recently asked question whether to "deliver results when finished significantly prior to the agreed deadline", Smandoli suggested to fill the slack with "Look for places to exceed ...
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