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This is for questions where corporate or company politics are involved that generally relate to the culture of the organization, client, or other aspects that may influence or challenge a project's ability to be successful.

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How to be an honest and good project coordinator in a corrupt and dishonest work environment?

The project I am working on is given by the government organization to two private companies (A1 and A2) through a bidding process. The government is their client and the companies are vendors. I am ...
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Enhance Participation

One of the main issues of my kind of projects seems to be the participation. Since these projects run beside the people's daily business some people only spend so much time in the project. This makes ...
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What's a good way for a Scrum team to handle budgets and work with other departments?

In my organization, the developers are using Scrum (which started recently), but the sysadmins are not. We're about to start a large project, and we've been asked for detailed description of our ...
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Members of the Broader Team Find the PMO Burdensome and Valueless

The scenario here is a new IT Services Program that is about six months on a five-year firm fixed price contract, providing IT infrastructure and application O&M services for an organization that ...
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Can't build reality tree of undesirable effects as objections are absurd

I'm attempting to build a future and current reality tree regarding changing policy and procedure to data access, but we're being given undesirable effects that are entirely divorced from reality. ...
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How to get from differentiated salaries to the equal ones for the same position in company?

Recently I found some interesting articles about salary politics (1), (2). I also believe that equal salaries makes life more simple and I generally favor simple and transparent solutions. I believe ...
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The right way to correct a new employee who accidently stepped on your toes

I'm managing an upgrade project and I asked my assistant to do some preliminary research and come to me with some ideas on how to approach the project. This particular project affects a large number ...
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How to Deal with a Request for Asynchronous Communication?

A colleague of mine asks to be cc'd on my communications to our boss. However, he does not cc me on his communications to our boss. We are on the same level in the org chart. He has seniority and ...
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How can a PMO help the adoption of a project management culture in an organization?

I've worked with organizations that have started project management offices (PMO) in order to become more project oriented in their work processes. Sometimes it works, and the PMO becomes a source ...
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How to Get a Peer to Take Charge of His Own Project?

One of my projects depends heavily on another project at a different location. The leader of the other project does not take charge of it but relies on me to make many decisions for his project. How ...
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Quality Improvement Projects in Operational Environments

The idea here is to improve the quality of the service delivered by the Operations Team in a department responsible for the distribution of Variable Marketing Payments. This team primarily creates ...
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How should I get work from someone who "Talks a good game" but won't deliver?

Background: I worked for an organisation that delivered services to a number of public sector clients, geographically dispersed. A series of security-related changes were required to allow one such ...
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What criteria should be considered when deciding to do work which goes beyond project scope?

Answering my recently asked question whether to "deliver results when finished significantly prior to the agreed deadline", Smandoli suggested to fill the slack with "Look for places to exceed ...
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Dealing with a culture of fixed, scheduled project board meetings

An earlier question, Managing Without Meetings, was mainly focused on the number and frequency of internal team meetings. This question is about project board meetings that are scheduled to take ...
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If taking over a project, should the new PM have to stick to the previous PM's estimates?

A new PM taking over a project "mid stream" will need to get up to speed with all of the documentation, objectives, etc. If the previous PM had produced estimates that the new PM doesn't agree with, ...
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Deliver results when finished significantly prior to the agreed deadline?

In the seldom cases where your project (or milestone) completion estimation was too pessimistic, do you deliver results right away? If not, which tasks do you assign your team members in the meantime? ...
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No trust between Project Manager and Sponsor

What should a PM do if he has sound reasons not to trust his sponsor? And if the sponsor openly acknowledges that he doesn't trust the PM? This is a challenge found all too often (and migrated from ...
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How to deal with chaotic stakeholder who is high in pecking order?

Consider you run a project where a key stakeholder is one of VPs. She is a typical hit-and-run type of person: she comes to a project team with half-baked idea, either refuses to discuss details ...
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What is the Procedure for Handling a Team Where Two Members Might be Dating?

Some companies have policies where people may date but that the two individuals can't be working in the same department or be in a supervisor/subordinate relationship. But with projects, you often ...
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How to protect a team member from management?

A member of my team has had a terrible experience with other senior managers on one project. He used to work for them. While he worked for them he was misled on delivery dates, requirements and ...
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Should I work with another manager or take on his responsibilities?

A manager of equal level in the org chart is in charge of a team that is responsible for a critical delivery piece in one of my projects. He generally assigns his team deadlines that have no room for ...