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This tag is for project retrospectives or post-mortem; a meeting help to review the project at its end.

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What is a clear, but more friendly term than "post mortem?"

I'm looking for a less ominous term than postmortem1, but that's still clear about the purpose of the exercise. We considered but discarded: Debrief Too vague and unfocused. We're not here to chat, ...
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"Dead horse" topics banned at sprint retrospectives, is this good practice - why or why not?

I'm asking as a member of an Agile (Scrum) team, not as the PM/PO/Scrum Master. On this project there are a handful of well-known impediments / problems / things that didn't go well, which are a ...
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Our first post mortem - what's the right structure

Our organization has just completed a large-for-us elearning development project. It totaled just under $1mm usd, and employed a team of approximately 40 people for six months. Most of our staff was ...
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Why did our process cause us to miss our release date? [closed]

I'm a developer on a team that has just finished some web development work. It was due for a release tomorrow but, as a result of a review by management, needs reworking. This will undoubtedly add a ...
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What a good Lessons Learned paper should include?

I'm preparing a Lessons Learned paper and I wonder what such paper should contain. I found this post:, some of the points listed there ...
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How can I connect Project Issues to Project Deliverables in a Post-Mortem document?

I'm conducting a Post-Mortem Review with Senior Management, regarding a project that had multiple unfulfilled/half-fulfilled deliverables that caused issues for clients. The deliverable for the Post-...
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Is it correct to refer to a 'post mortem' session even for successful projects?

It might be a silly question for non-latin speakers, but it's odd to hear about a post-mortem meeting for a successful project since this expression means 'after death'. I know that this can be also ...
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Should you insist on getting feedback from every member of your team?

In my current project team, I try to encourage an open atmosphere and discussions. In general, I have the impression that we are on a good road in that regard. The idea of a post-mortem after each ...
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Retrospective templates for implementations?

(Related question). I have recently landed myself a product engineer role. The software product is a server based product with a front end GUI in the browser. We have a number of clients, but the ...
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Resources for reviewing and learning from real-world projects?

I'm currently studying the "death march" phenomenon, as it relates to project management. (From my understanding, the term "death march" refers to a project which is evidently at high risk of failure,...
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Transitioning Postmortem data after a project is done

One of the things I wish I did more often and better is follow through with the data collected during a Postmortem. I'm looking for input on "How do you ensure the postmortem data is followed up and ...
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How do you share lessons learned from a post-mortem?

Running a project post-mortem (or post-implementation review) is a valuable way to identify and document lessons learned from the project. After doing so, how to best share (and act upon) those ...
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Do you track the cause of bugs?

I was thinking of tagging resolved cases by their (probable) cause, e.g. incomplete feature specification last-minute fix after test typo ... Maybe common causes might show up in this, so we get ...
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How to run our first post mortem?

I'd like to do a post mortem ("lessons learned") analysis of a recent feature development. It would be the first formal post mortem we do. It was a comparedly small project (roughly 3 weeks), but ...
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What are the most common problems that you find in your lessons learned sessions?

In most projects you have some sort of lessons learned session. These sessions are both needed and painful to go through. For experience Project Managers, I am curious to know if you find yourself ...