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Why use constants to calculate control limits

I am refreshing some knowledge on 6s and currently go through the calculations for upper and lower control limits for quality control charts. when i for example look at the xbar-Rm chart and I want to ...
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Which is the best way to list tickets that do not change lane / status in JIRA?

my goal is to have a list of the JIRA tickets that are not moving from one lane to another so that I can intervene on those tickets and check if impediments, difficulties or issues are up in place. ...
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How to check the actual number of hours spent by remotely working employee?

I hired hourly employees, they work remotely and choose when to work by themselves. The work includes working on a computer + making phone calls. How do I check the actual number of hours they ...
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Is it possible to do project budgeting within TFS?

I am working for a software company. We are using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for our development workflow and it works very well. Now my boss wants to get an overview of the project budget,...
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How to define clear processes for different projects?

I work in a small company, we don't have clear roles and depending on the case somebody different can take the role of project manager, this is great but each one organizes the project different which ...
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Can Quality be an adjustable constraint of an agile process?

When defining the constraints of a project, the classical Iron Triangle defines three concurrent constraints: Resources, Scope and Time. Some more complex models (see the Project Constraint Model) add ...
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Members of the Broader Team Find the PMO Burdensome and Valueless

The scenario here is a new IT Services Program that is about six months on a five-year firm fixed price contract, providing IT infrastructure and application O&M services for an organization that ...
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Can EVM be Used to Track and Manage Quality?

Currently, I think I've got pretty good tools when it comes to measuring Budget (enough and more Excel docs that are regularly updated), Scope (against a mutually agreed upon statement of work), Time (...
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When is "control of a software project" less important?

In the article titled Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?, Tom DeMarco says that: To understand control’s real role, you need to distinguish between two drastically ...
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