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How to estimate scaling up costs of a project?

Let's consider an entrepreneur decides to create a new company like Airbnb, Netflix, etc. The problem is about the software part. He doesn't know how long it takes to create the mobile/web app? How ...
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Are there concrete differences between (SAFe + LeSS) Community of Practice and (Spotify) Chapter (and Guild) concepts?

SAFe promotes Communities of Practice (CoP) as groups of people who have a common interest in a specific technical or business domain and actively get together to sharpen up a set of skills. LeSS ...
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How does a Portfolio Kanban look like?

I'd like to setup a Portfolio Kanban to be used at a higher level in my project and I'm not sure how it should look like. What is the key information it should contain?
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What is part of the Customer Relations team in Scrum@Scale

The Scrum@Scale guide documents a Customer Relations team as a separate entity, but does not specify what it entails. Customer Relations, Legal / Compliance, and People Operations are included ...
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Difference between Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Nexus Framework

I am trying to understand the differences in the "process" between Less and Nexus; they seem very similar in the way they scale Scrum. I am not trying to understand which one to select, but what ...
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Is it true that multiple Scrum teams working on the same project MUST have the same start/end dates for their Sprints?

I have some problems with a question I found learning for the Professional Scrum Master 1 exam. The question is: Multiple scrum teams working on the same project must have the same sprint start ...
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Scaled scrum/agile frameworks (SAFe vs. Nexus vs. LeSS) comparison

Would someone please shed some light on the differences between: LeSS: Nexus: SAFe: ...
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Advice for Scaling a Web Development Agency

We run a niche web development agency and we are struggling with scaling and I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of resources. We build custom WordPress websites for clients with a ...
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What is "agile's answer" to projects that come in many shapes and sizes with different scope?

We have a set of teams and they are trying to go Agile. Lets say each team support one application and we have a total of 4 teams and 4 applications. When we projects that are all within a team / ...
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Is Scrum or Kanban only applicable to projects of larger size or projects with greater magnitude?

Can we use Scrum or Kanban for smaller tasks or projects? Let's say that I have a small software project comprising of the following: Registration Form Contact Form Admin Section And then in the end ...
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Scaling software development teams

I've been reading on this subject for a while now, but still can't come up with a workable solution for my situation to scale a development department. May be someone can advise me on where to go from ...
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How do I select project management software for our current workflow?

We are a small engineering firm that has just expanded from one to three workers. Earlier, the managing of projects was done by e-mail, where the user sorted each project by folders in Outlook. Since ...
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How to make Scrum of Scrums meetings more productive?

At my job, we're having a Scrum of Scrums meeting where all the Scrum Masters get together. This meeting is turning into a boring meeting where everyone gives their status update. I'm trying to make ...
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