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The process tag is for questions regarding how to best accomplish a goal or handle a specific scenario.

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What are developers expected to do during testing in the latter half of each Sprint?

When you are using the Scrum framework, a Sprint cycle involves development and QA. At the end of the Sprint the tasks worked upon and tested are showcased and released. Typically, for a team of 3 to ...
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What is the correct process for assessing project management tools/solutions?

We do cross-platform development with .NET, Java, and iOS. I have been tasked with selecting an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution suitable for managing multiple small distributed teams. ...
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What makes an effective email status report? Why? [closed]

In project management, what criteria make an effective email status report? How often should a status report be sent to be useful? Daily? Weekly? Every sprint end?
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Where should design be incorporated in an agile process?

We use a scrum-based agile development process. But where should design get incorporated? Separate user stories? Tasks on stories? We currently think of design as a separate task and break it out as ...
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What is the difference between framework vs methodology?

What the difference is between a methodology and a framework? And where does the process come into that story? And perhaps, it would be good to have this comparison explained by using methodologies ...
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How can a team working on research based items work in an Agile project?

My R&D organization is following an Agile (Scrum) development methodology. One of the development teams is working mostly on items that are really problematic in terms of the certainty during the ...
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Is it still possible to use formal methods if the organization has chosen not to adopt them?

I managed a project in a company where I was the only person with experience of using formal methods (Prince 2). The directors of the company, and the other senior staff, all took the attitude that ...
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What to do when team members are overburdened by process?

Big enterprises are infamous for creating lots of processes. Sometimes these processes are overburdening for the team members that have to do them to the point where the process is more work than the ...
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With Scrum, how do you keep from dropping the little things?

We've moved our group's workflow to a scrum-based approach, with a lot of success. We're getting things done, people are more engaged, and we're more focused on our actual user community's needs. ...
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Should small teams use Continuous Integration?

I recently switched to a start-up organization providing a social network site. In my new organization, we are a small team of 8 developers/designers. I heard a lot about continuous integration (e.g. ...
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Is the 15-minute daily stand-up meeting mandatory for a successful Scrum project?

Is the Daily Scrum meeting mandatory for a successful Scrum project? Is it possible to replace it with a one hour meeting once or twice a week? I am asking this because I am finding it difficult to ...
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Does a business analyst fit into the Scrum framework?

Question Let's consider a software development project made for an external customer. The development company (the vendor) has the usual positions and specialists: developers, testers, business ...
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Driving process change within a company that only has recently viewed its software as a competitive advantage

I have recently changed roles ( 4+ years ) as a product manager within an organization with previous years spent as a business analyst within a mid-sized agile software development firm and I have ...
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Who is using Cynefin for their Agile adoption?

I've listened to some David Snowden podcasts on complexity theory and the Cynefin framework. It looks as though it could be powerful for guiding Agile adoptions. Who has used Cynefin for this work? ...
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How to Migrate from Task Management to Project Management?

The company in question is currently micromanages task assignments, updating people's calendars several times a day as to what they should be doing and when. They feel the need to put more structure ...
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New team with little to no management of work and lack of processes

I have been working with my current employer for a little over and 2 and half years now and shortly, I'll be moving away from my current team to a new team within the same department. A few days ago, ...
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How should I deal with changing points of contact on a Project (client side)?

The point of contact (say, Dave) on a large project has now informed me that due to the overwhelming quantity of work, he has now authorized a new point of contact (Let's call her Sally). The ...
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Process, program and project management

I was wondering what differences and relation are between process management, program management and project management? I feel their Wikipedia articles do not give me a clear explanation. More ...
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Dealing with external departments when changing to continous delivery / smaller feature scope

I'm an engineer on a small engineering team at a small business-to-business company. We're looking to transition from a "big bang" release model to a more iterative release style with smaller changes ...
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