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Project procurement management is the process to manage all acquisitions of product or services from outside your project team.

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Why are there more claims in fixed price contracts? Should not there be less claims in fixed price contract?

A claim is an assertion that the buyer did sth wrong that has hurt the seller and seller is asking for compensation. Imagine the number of claims that can arise if you are working with a fixed price ...
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Am I right about "fixed price incentive fee" and "fixed price award fee"?-Types of contract

Fixed price incentive fee-: If seller exceed specificed performance criteria like getting work done fasterr, cheaper, then seller gets incentive. Fixed price award fee-: If seller exceed specificed ...
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When does a software vendor (fixed-price projects) usually get paid?

What is a usual approach to fixed-price software project payment? Does a vendor get the money after the result of the project is delivered to a customer? Or is the payment made upfront? Or a mixed ...
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How does inflation affect the cost software making?

I am doing research to know the effect of inflation in software making. How does inflation affect the cost of software production? For example, you are following a waterfall model. Does inflation ...
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What are the tasks of a Quality Assurance track in a software procurement, implementation and upgrade project

An organization (bank) is procuring a software from a foreign company and at the same time they are also taking a major upgrade for another software (core banking system). A team has been formed as a ...
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For a IT project that requires vendor involvement, would you manage the Procurement process separately from the actual System Implementation?

For in-house development projects, it is straight forward. For a IT project that requires vendor involvement, would you : 1) manage the Procurement process separately from the actual System ...
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If one supplier has delayed your project schedule should the other suppliers on the project be alerted to the new timeline?

I'm torn because the other suppliers that are still on track with the original timeline might run in to issues of their own so perhaps working to the original timeline is a good way to reduce risk. ...
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What to do if you do not "like" work produced by a freelancer

I have a situation I am not quite sure how to handle. We have asked a freelancer to come up with some designs for a piece of e-learning. Now, as part of the quote he did some concepts which were part ...
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How to define a Test Exit Criteria?

How can a project manager specify a testing task statement of work for a fixed-price contractor? I'm hiring a contractor to do testing in my project. All other works like design, architecture, ...
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What will be the standard increase of price from a Time and Material to a Fixed Price?

Knowing there are pros and cons for each type of procurement contracts. I am trying to find the real price % increase from a time and material contract with specific scope to a fixed price. As an ...
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