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How to Handle Competing Products or Offerings within the Same Company that Interferes with My Product Metrics?

Context I am myself working as a machine learning engineer within a small team, without any product/project manager. So the idea is, I was supposed to deploy some machine learning models which enhance ...
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PM Interview Case Study approach Question

My background is primarily in enterprise services/sales engineering with a focus on AI/ML however I am trying get into Product Management and as part of an interview process, I am have a take home ...
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How to decide what is a problem and what not in Product Management?

I understand that these problems can emerge in a variety of situations: There is a specific goal set by management, then the current situation has to be evaluated and decide what needs to be changed ...
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Is there a difference between agile project and agile product evolution?

My company is standardizing how agile initiatives will be run organization wide. It is a <1000 people company where few hundreds waterfall projects are either running or close to start. I ...
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User Stories breakdown for back-end team

I'm a product owner without any technical background especially without a correct sense from the back-end development process and tasks. I have a brief knowledge about MVC architecture but our team ...
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What is "Product" with regards to internal development and use [closed]

A law firm's product is legal services. The IT for the law firm wants to purchase and deploy new laptops. Current laptops are EOL. e.g. Slow, insecure, incompatible. Is this within realm of "The ...
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Key Results for usage of data in decision making

We have very little data currently in order to make prioritization decisions, track progress or to understand the pain points of our product. Therefore, I would like to create some dashboards/reports ...
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What workflow optimises the use of Lean Startup, particularly when managing Landing Pages?

Background I'm trying to follow the lean start-up methodology of validating a product. Following the instructions in the book UX for Lean Startups, I first validated the product by conducting ...
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Product Breakdown Structure, deliverables for Software

I am currently doing a breakdown of products for a piece of software. If I have the Software as a collective grouping should documents for the software be a collective grouping and then broken down ...
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I need practical tools or workshop tips to create product vision for an existing product

I am familiar with the product vision but never used it so far since I joined once it was already done I have been appointed to a project where 2 existing products are overlapping and we need to set ...
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Should projects always be product-orientated from the start?

I've been learning the PRINCE2 methodology which advocates a product-orientated approach to managing projects. This seems sensible to me. However, in hindsight, looking back at projects I've been ...
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Product Specification for Scrum teams

Do we still create/maintain a copy of a product specifications when subscribed to the Agile/Scrum framework? I have been tasked to provide a product specification as team members would like to always ...
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Product owner for SaaS app

I am developing a SaaS app using Scrum and wondering if there are any best practices when it comes to having multiple "Product Owners". This is because I am working with some "users" who will help ...
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Product Owner role in Scrum

I have a very basic knowledge of Scrum. Please guide me about the following questions: What is role of the Product Owner in daily Scrum, should PO be a part of this meeting? In a real world scenario ...
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How to Estimate Scope, Cost and Budget for Developing a Phone App

I have some questions regarding how to handle bidding for a project, and how to structure the contract for the project. How can I find the answers to the following questions: How many people (this ...
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How can project management process influence the product management process?

I experience projects in which Product Managers delivered the requirements with a great delay. In other cases, the requirements were delivered only for 1 or 2 sprints, then the PM left the company. ...
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Sprint Backlog vs Product Backlog

I was always under impression that Sprint Backlog is part of Product Backlog -> it's impossible to add anything into Sprint Backlog without affecting Product Backlog However, according to one of the ...
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