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Questions tagged [product-management]

This tag should be used for questions about Product Management roles and responsibilities within a Project Management framework or context. Questions about the Product Management profession unrelated to project management are off-topic for this site.

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QuantAgile (a.k.a. Quantitative Agile) Ussage

Liam here (Engineering Manager & Research Enthusiast)! I've been neck-deep in exploring QuantAgile lately, this newish framework that seems to blend Taylor's Scientific Management efficiency with ...
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How do I lay out a roadmap if there is only one big feature that I'm not able to breakdown?

I'm basically developing a dashboard where we need to show the top 20 sales by product and country. The dashboard is visualized in an analytics platform, so nothing must be developed there, the ...
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TaskJuggler, how to allocate limited resources for one-off task?

I have a taskjuggler project. During the "meat" of the work, the entire team can work on this only a limited number of hours per period (using day here for convenience). I accomplish this ...
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PM Interview Case Study approach Question

My background is primarily in enterprise services/sales engineering with a focus on AI/ML however I am trying get into Product Management and as part of an interview process, I am have a take home ...
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