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How do you measure progress for design works?

We are a software agency that adapts product approach because some of our clients need a discovery process before we actually dive into coding. This is a typical situation when a client comes to us ...
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Project managers use percentage to evaluate task completion, is that really the healthy approach?

My concern here is that those percentage evaluations for project task progress/completion are subjective. And given that statement, is it really worth it? Why not push for more detailed breakdown ...
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Recording workers PCs and insight into their activity and effectiveness? How [closed]

How do you monitor your workers and how do you make sure they are not just staring at the screen, and eating chips? What kind of software or method do you use?
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Beginner's book for Program Monitoring and Evaluation

I am looking for a basic book for 'Program Monitoring and Evaluation'. I searched the internet and could find the UNDP reports. But they are too comprehensive. Can anyone point me to some basic books ...
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MS Project - Best Update Solution

I have an existing project schedule with 4 Phases. Phases 1-3 are complete and Phase 4 just started. I have built a new separate schedule for Phase 4 due to changes, but was not sure of the best way ...
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Failed forecast: poor estimation or bad productivity?

If the forecast of the team doesn't come true, how can I understand the reason for this? It can be: Poor estimation during The Planning Meeting. Reduced productivity (for various reasons) during the ...
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MS Project: Percentage of elapsed work time of project

Suppose we have a project, that its progress is not going exactly on the plan (e.g. we have worked on some future tasks and some previous tasks are not completed on the schedule). and also some ...
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How can I track the work done by a remote team of coders?

I just started a project with a team of coders working remotely. I trust that they will get the job done, but I want a way to track their progress day to day. I know they are using a Git repository to ...
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How can I learn to break down a big software project into more manageable tasks in terms of progress monitoring?

One thing I constantly see project management books talk about is the necessity of a method of tracking progress. One you break down the big picture into many smaller tasks, it becomes easier to see ...
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14 votes
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How do I encourage team members to accurately log their work?

One thing that I noticed is that lots of employees forget to log the number of hours that they worked on a task. Is there a way to provide incentives for them to measure their work accurately? (either ...
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How do you "project manage" when you are the only developer?

Targets in a one man developer team? When you are the only developer on a new startup, how do you think the project management should move forward. Because I am the only person with a technical ...
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When a PM goes on holiday, what can they expect when they get back to convince that the project has not suffered?

Partway through a project and a significant holiday kicks in for the PM. What should the PM take their temporary replacement through before they go - and what should they expect to be handed back ...
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What's the maximum number of similar tools a department should use?

What is the maximum number of project management tools a department could use? If more than one is used for the same purpose or several are used for linked purposes double data entry occurs or ...
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Advice for a young programmer on creating programming estimates

I'm a young programmer who has recently gotten a job at a company that is small but loves programming estimates. Since giving good estimates has been a problem for me in the past I'm happy about this ...
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How much self management is appropriate when you're self-employed?

I recently started as a freelance researcher. I mostly work on projects where I have to do measurements and analyse the data. While I have a little bit of experience with project management, I'm ...
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What are the signs that a project is going wrong?

The obvious answer is 'missing key milestones', but that depends on a structured project plan with clear milestones (e.g. waterfall model). What are some of the not-so-obvious or subtle signs that ...
7 votes
3 answers

When is overtime an appropriate use of resources, and how do I account for it?

Under which conditions is it acceptable to push my team to do overtime work? Once I have pushed my team to do overtime work, how do I factor the added risks and costs associated with the push into my ...
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What is(are) the standard method(s) for gauging progress for a task that the PM isn't familiar with?

After estimating the man hours/work for an unfamiliar task, how would I go about gauging and reporting on progress?
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