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How to track progress for non functional activities

I need to track progress of some activities that doesn't have clear functional requirements, like Performance Testing, Anomaly Testing, Security Testing, etc.. what would you recommend? For functional ...
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What is the difference between "status report" and "variance report"?

Quoting Rita Mulcahy's book-: Status report-: This report describes where the project currently stands regarding the performance measurement baseline. Variance report-: A variance report compares ...
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Actual Duration Calculated by MS Project vs Actual Duration of the Project as of the Status Date

My project started in Jan 2020 and as of Jun 2020, we have spent a total of 80 working days ( minus weekends and public holiday). However, the actual duration given by the MS Project is over 90 ...
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Is there a report type to document a (Agile) project journey?

My main goals are to document our current methodology, share our team's story of changing and adapting, and share evaluations of our improvement. Ideally, I'd like to share this report with our ...
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Executive Summary Repetition

This might be an intuitive question but it seems that not much people knows it. Should I repeat information from last report's executive summary or should I only write what happened the week before ...
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What is the quarterly report called after fourth quarter?

First of all, I apologize for such a minor question. I am not sure if this is a suitable platform for this. I am responsible for submitting quarterly reports for a project. I am doing this since last ...
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No Checkpoint Reports

I am running a Prince2/Waterfall project that is currently about 1/4 of the way through a 8 month timeline. I have been having trouble with Work Package owners not providing me with Checkpoint reports/...
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EVM in Research and Technology

Earned Value Management (EMV) sounds like a great and objective method for reporting. Precondition for applying EVM is that tasks or results are well defined and well distributed during the project. ...
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Is reporting project progress in % to supervisors acceptable?

Currently I am working as a Project Manager in a big software project. Currently my supervisors require me to report each week to report the project's progress in percentage form, as in the example: ...
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Status Report - Reporting Expired Duration

I'm creating a status report for my project and I want to report that we have used 44 out of our scheduled 144 days. The 44th days is simply the current Thursday when I submit my status report. I want ...
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How to collect Burn Down data during Sprints?

We just started with Scrum and are in our first sprint for a new software product. So far everything went well. As Scrum Master (former Project Manager) I build up all the knowledge I could find and ...
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Applying an overall project RAG (red, amber, green) status

Although I prefer regular meetings, communication and updates as a method for informing the client of the project status; my client wants an overall RAG status for each of their projects. I was ...
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How do you visualize projects progress? [closed]

What reports do you use to track progress of several projects? In particular, what progress visualization techniques do you use?
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What alternatives are there to a weekly status report to collect team members' progress on assigned work?

Each week I issue a personalised email to everyone in the business (there are only 17 of us) with the following headings: Can you provide a brief status report for this week based on your assigned ...
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Tool to manage projects reports [closed]

I have a few projects and I want to prepare/update and send reports about them. Could you suggest me any tool/application/web-site which can do the following things: Describe a project's current ...
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What are the best metrics and reports for doing strategic application portfolio management?

We are a technology organization supporting a line of businesses. We are currently managing a large budget with a portfolio of over 100 applications and hundreds of projects that impact these ...
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Dealing with a culture of fixed, scheduled project board meetings

An earlier question, Managing Without Meetings, was mainly focused on the number and frequency of internal team meetings. This question is about project board meetings that are scheduled to take ...
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How much self management is appropriate when you're self-employed?

I recently started as a freelance researcher. I mostly work on projects where I have to do measurements and analyse the data. While I have a little bit of experience with project management, I'm ...
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When is overtime an appropriate use of resources, and how do I account for it?

Under which conditions is it acceptable to push my team to do overtime work? Once I have pushed my team to do overtime work, how do I factor the added risks and costs associated with the push into my ...
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What is(are) the standard method(s) for gauging progress for a task that the PM isn't familiar with?

After estimating the man hours/work for an unfamiliar task, how would I go about gauging and reporting on progress?