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Project Charter provides : Choose one or more : a) Project Plan. b) Input to sales and market demands. c) An obligation between the customer and project management teams to mutually work towards business objective. d) Input to project plan.

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Is initiating a project part of the project management?

As far as I understood from PM certification course from Google, initiating projects is a job usually done by someone else, other than the PM. The PM receives a ready business case which he pours into ...
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What is the difference between Smart Goals and Deliverables?

I understand that deliverables are tangible outcomes while goals are generic. But when we craft SMART goals they sometimes resemble deliverables. I am not able to get my head around separating SMART ...
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Whose responsibility is it to create the Project Charter?

My understanding is that the Project Charter outlines the goal of the project, who the stakeholders are, and most importantly, authorizes the Project Manager to act on behalf of the sponsor to ...
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How to write a very specific objective for a project?

I am working on a case study which is like below : Economic inequality is a huge issue. A recent study found that the world's 80 wealthiest individuals own as much as the entire world's poorest 3.5 ...
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How to define Budget in Project Charter when Cost is unknown?

I need to write a Project Charter for an IT Project. The work will be completed by external consultants. The technology being implemented is cutting edge and therefore we have no previous projects to ...
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Does Project Charter change when the Project manager changes?

What if the project manager changes all of a sudden during the project at any phase (Due to resignation / Personal reasons / Accident). Does the Project charter also change with it? If so, Who does ...
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Global project without a charter, manager nor dedicated resources

I am facing a strange situation in one manufacturing company and I need help to figuring out what to do. The company has a very low PM maturity level, especially when it comes to non-manufacturing ...
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In what ways does a project charter differ from a project scope?

Under PMBOK methodology, how would you explain the difference between a 'project charter' and a 'project scope' to a stakeholder unfamiliar with the PM process?
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How can I find project charter resources?

I am new as a project manager. I was told that I have to write a project charter for a new project that I will have to manage. Are there any templates explaining what has to be in that charter? I ...
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Are there (IEEE) standards for project management

I was told by my project lead today, that he had received a certificate in project management and that he had written a project proposal according to some given rules but he wasn't really able to ...
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Work statistics report for resources

I have a master file with several sub-projects and resources assigned to them. Is there a way to make a bar chart in Project Pro report that shows the work hours for resources based on the sub-...
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What should be included in a comprehensive "plan of attack" document?

Its common for most software development processes to begin with a plan of attack, in which you could find the following topics: The context of the clients company A summary of the business processes ...
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How to create an astounding innovative project plan when the information is too broad and there is short time to do it

Maybe you remember my last question, where I asked how to leverage my internal knowledge to better handle an internal selection process for project manager. Well, in part because of that advice, I ...
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How can one apply a method of management to a project that was initiated without one?

A small project was launched, which was not expected to take more than a week. Gradually, many things were added. The project started six months ago, and it has really grown. No project management ...
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Can Letter of Award (LOA) or Service Order be considered as a Project Charter?

If the customer issues a Letter of Award or service order and asks us to provide a service in the form of a project, can it be considered as a Project Charter?
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Project Charter Template [closed]

I actually just answered a question for someone who was curious about Project Charter Templates and the rest of their question included things like PIDs, SOWs, and Project Proposals, and I decided ...
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Project charter diagrams

What diagrams should be included in a project charter? In our standard template there is a section for "Implementation approach and methodology", this is where the flow diagrams normally are. The ...
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How to resolve leadership conflicts in project?

How to resolve conflicts in project when: No roles are clearly defined (eg. no project charter). Project manager is sluggish / incompetent. Technical people feel like more competent than PM. Bit of ...
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What is the difference between Vision and Scope Document and a Project Charter?

What is the difference between Vision and Scope Document and a Project Charter? I think it is pretty much the same. Isn't it?
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