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A project sponsor is an internal or external customer that is paying for the project.

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Why does management have to "buy into" Scrum?

I have read over and over that in order for Scrum to work, "Management has to buy into Scrum." Can you tell me why that is? What management are they talking about, the company stakeholders that have ...
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Global project without a charter, manager nor dedicated resources

I am facing a strange situation in one manufacturing company and I need help to figuring out what to do. The company has a very low PM maturity level, especially when it comes to non-manufacturing ...
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Who is the sponsor?

I am looking for a good book on project organisation: I was told that the project consists of (a) a project team, with a project manager, an IT coordinator and a business coordinator and (b) A ...
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How to deal with a challenging sponsor?

A couple of related issues: My sponsor is visionary but fails to communicate the vision clearly enough to allow implementation. This leads to a lot of unnecessary rework. My sponsor communicates with ...
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How do you manage an uninterested project sponsor?

According to PMHut, the primary responsibilities of the project sponsor are as follows: Be chief champion of the project Have accountability for the project and ongoing accountability for the ...
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How to deliver bad news to a project sponsor?

Report Performance (especially if it is behind plans) is a responsibility of a project manager (according to PMBOK). Very often adequate and accurate reporting of insufficient performance will provoke ...
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How to deal with Ambiguous data?

I had a question on dealing with ambiguous data. IF at the start of the project, a lot of ambiguous data is present how would you zero in on a particular data?
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Should one give an access to Issues Tracking System to a project sponsor?

Should a project sponsor have an access to Issues Tracking System (call it a "bug list")? If yes, how do you manage a potential conflict between sponsor's expectations of bug-free quality and a list ...
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