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Iterative tasks in Machine Learning

We are a small team working on a Machine Learning software. Users can upload images which are analysed, and then download a report about items the AI software found in the image. There are currently ...
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Should I estimate repeating tasks (besides Stories and Bugs)?

Besides User Stories and Bugs (no estimation) we have some repeating Tasks in our sprint, which have not much insecurity and a clear scope. For example such a task is "releasing our plugin" (building, ...
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Can Scrum be used to schedule family chores?

I have a 6 year old and 8 year old child. I would like to implement Scrum in my family to make getting chores done more efficient. Can Scrum be implemented in this context?
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How to add recurring task in MS Project server 2013?

I have MS Project server 2013 and I have created one PWA and now I want to create a recurring task. Can anyone tell me how can I create recurring task in a MS Project server 2013 web app?
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Tool to track recurrent tasks [closed]

There are many great tools helping you to manage your projects or just to track team tasks. But I am looking for a tool to track recurrent tasks of my team. For example, there are lot's of tasks like ...
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