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Software recommendation for interdependent Organization charts, Relationship maps and Business process diagrams [closed]

I’m looking for a recommendation for a software (or possibly a collection of mutually compatible softwares) capable of creating Organization Charts, Relationship Maps and Business Process Diagrams. ...
22 votes
9 answers

Senior developers 'reject' agile. What now?

I'm about to have my first day as Product Owner at a new job as one of three product owners, and during the interview one of the current challenges that was brought up was the renewal of the processes....
2 votes
6 answers

Not coding as an IT Project Manager. Developers backbiting

Long story short, for one of the projects I am managing, I am managing an in house team of developers. I am a former developer now PM, and made the move because I disliked commercial programming. In ...
3 votes
6 answers

How to deal with client's staff that says "this will be easy"

I am an external project manager. The internal staff at a clients business have started making comments to the effect that "this requirement will be easy to deliver". Such comments are damaging our ...
15 votes
6 answers

Strictly as PMs, how do you restore a broken relationship?

Going back to our day to day work, sometimes, we have to be direct. During those times, and during times of high stress (due to deadlines or other family reasons), people become more sensitive. What ...
4 votes
2 answers

How to model a map of conflicts / interests?

I want to know how to elaborate a stakeholder analysis (there's a lot of literature about this on internet, but I need real examples / references, something with a "hands-on touch"), and how can I use ...
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1 answer

Start to Finish Relationship Examples for Construction Works? [closed]

Can you give me 3-4 SF relationship examples in real life used for construction project management?
4 votes
6 answers

How to handle somebody who does not take into account what is said to him?

I'm facing a problem that is quite new for me, and want to discuss it. I have in my team a developer who doesn't take into account the directives that are given to him. He doesn't follow priorities ...
7 votes
6 answers

How to repay technical debt still delivering features?

The picture I saw far too many times over my career. A team of developers in a company driven by non-technical management, practising scrum, severely pressured to deliver points and features by ...
10 votes
5 answers

How to handle difficult Project Manager

I always feel difficulty to face my project manager and don't know how to handle him. There are many situations in which I feel very bad because of his behaviour. 1) While discussion about time ...
4 votes
5 answers

How do I get traction on my project?

As a newbie project manager, I am leading an effort to transition data from one department to another. My counterpart in the other department acts as interface with their development staff. I am ...
6 votes
6 answers

Forced to implement what I think is the wrong solution [closed]

Should I listen to the Team Leader or stick to my position? Here is some background: This is a repost of this topic, as I think I've missed the site where I need to ask such questions. And I am not ...
1 vote
2 answers

Why can't there be more than one preceeding relationship between two tasks in a Gantt diagram?

Consider two tasks: Coding and Testing. Testing starts some time after Coding starts and continues, until Coding stops. However, I cannot reflect such a relationship with Planner Project Management. ...
13 votes
8 answers

Are PMs normally hated?

I have had limited exposure to PMs, and the last one who was in her 60s used to always refer to her previous experiences with: "At the end of the project, I was the most hated person, but the project ...
10 votes
4 answers

Can 'relationship building' be a cop out?

Everyone is always telling me that to be successful as a project manager you have to build good relationships with your project teams. I see it all over this forum and am told this by other PMs in my ...
2 votes
2 answers

Is there any 'pocket guide' with the differences between countries' labor laws? [closed]

Working on a multi cultural environment, one of the problems that's haunting some projects we have are the differences between two countries' laws. I know that there are as much laws as there are ...
5 votes
3 answers

Customer management and communication - how to keep things productive?

I am managing a project for a big company. The sales manager, who is supposed to be my POC, is not co-operating and actually causes many delays. I know I can send a lot of emails to everybody, ...
7 votes
6 answers

No free people to work on time&material type of contract

A small company signed time&material type of contract with client A which basically guarantee that 3 people would work on project for the client. The cooperation lasts a few quarters already and ...
7 votes
3 answers

How should I get work from someone who "Talks a good game" but won't deliver?

Background: I worked for an organisation that delivered services to a number of public sector clients, geographically dispersed. A series of security-related changes were required to allow one such ...
5 votes
6 answers

What criteria should be considered when deciding to do work which goes beyond project scope?

Answering my recently asked question whether to "deliver results when finished significantly prior to the agreed deadline", Smandoli suggested to fill the slack with "Look for places to exceed ...